Does a fear sometimes recur when a person confronts the actual situation?

QUESTIONI am wondering about the difference between thinking about something and having your fears reduced to 0, and actually going out and confronting the object of your fear. I noticed that on your First Steps in EFT video, you told about peoples’ anxiety sometimes coming back again when they had to fact the real life situation.

ANSWER:  Anxiety can often rise slightly when the person confronts the actual situation again because there are often … Continue reading

Multiple Phobias Treated with EFT – 10-Year Follow-Up

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

There are times when nature seems to help us out by testing our EFT work to see whether it’s “for real.”  My experience with “Louise” is a prime example of this and also demonstrates the extraordinary lasting power of this approach.

When Louise originally consulted me it was for problems she had “leaving home.”  She was a highly competent executive in a major corporation, a … Continue reading