Make My Choices Magical: An Interactive Digital Daily Journal

Make My Choices Magical: An Interactive Digital Daily JournalDiscover this new concept in self growth that is breaking all rules for daily journaling!


The Make My Choices Magical is a Mini-Course in a re-usable digital Journal that you can type into with your computer, tablet or smart phone!*



Keeping a daily journal on your computer, tablet and phone

*Requires using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for computers and mobile devices.


95% of our beta-testers strongly preferred this new digital form of journaling to a hand written journal.

They, and those who have purchased this Guided Journal, also agree that it can actually reshape your thought processes, as it opens your heart to experience greater effectiveness, peace, and joy every day.

Just how does this Mini-Course within a Journal work?


Each day, it presents you with a Suggested Choice of the Day so you are never at a loss for what to journal about. There may be days you want to journal about your own topics and that’s fine because this course is flexible and customizable – you make it your own.

Although it employs the EFT Choices Method, it does not require that you know anything about either EFT or “Choices,” because it stands on its own merit.

What will the course do for you?


If you follow the 30-Day Mini-Course given in the Journal, it works to change a universal human tendency to look for the negative first in all things – into an astonishing new habit of looking first for the positive possibilities in everything… That alone is a life changer.

PLUS it includes our Choices Reminder Emails sent to your inbox each day if you opt in via a link within the Journal. These Reminders will help to keep you on track with your journaling and serve as excellent motivators. You can always unsubscribe from this additional service at any time.

Woman keeping the interactive daily journal on her tablet

What Others Say:


Suzanne RosatoI LOVE this Journal! I found the program super easy to use, and it’s become something I do for myself as part of my routine that fits in perfectly… a wonderful send off for each day! – Suzanne Rosato, Austin, Texas



Donna ScottThe Journal has been a great jumping off point for my own self-discovery. This is really like a Mini Book that I can read whenever I have a free moment. I think its potential for self-help is enormous” Donna Scott, Plainfield, New Jersey


Lindsay Kenny

VERY lovely!!!!!!! I wouldn’t have been able to do this project had the Journal been in hard copy form! I felt Pat Carrington’s presence on each page of this journal guiding us with her wisdom and understanding. – Lindsay Kenny, San Francisco


Steve Carter

This Journal is a marvelous tool for Self Growth. As I write each post, I gain clarity and insights that would never have emerged without this way of journaling. Choices daily works! – Stephen Carter, Maryland


Karin DavidsonThe very first day, I was asked to imagine and write about an unexpected surprise that I’d like to have happen. I envisioned two people I knew who were very unlikely candidates for my current workshop, joining it. Before the day was over both had registered! The Journal is a great way to positively influence your life. – Karin Davidson, Media, PA


Key Benefits of Using this Journal

  • Changes a tendency to look for the NEGATIVE first into an astonishing new habit of seeing the POSITIVE first.

  • Brings you a sense of joy and ease you may not have had since childhood.

  • Creates a personalized digital journal you can use month after month

Other Features:


  • It is delivered to you as a 141-page Interactive PDF
  • Each day provides nearly four pages of space for your entries
  • Opt-in to receive daily motivational Reminder Emails for the first 30 days at no extra charge
  • You can begin a new month by deleting your daily entries and saving the file with a new name


Experience this “rule-breaking” digital journal today and discover what it can do for you!

Get your copy today for Only $16.95!





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