To Use or Not to Use the EFT Choices Set-up

The "subconscious" mind quote by Dr. Patricia CarringtonThe EFT Choices set-up and reminder phrases extend the scope of EFT considerably, but this doesn’t mean that they are always appropriate to use, or that the default self-acceptance phrase, “I deeply and completely accept myself” (or its equivalents) are not very useful.

I find the Choices set-up method the most effective approach under many circumstances and use … Continue reading

EFT Choices Manual

EFT Choices Method Manual, by Dr. Patricia CarringtonLEARN THE ACCLAIMED CHOICES METHOD


This widely acclaimed 115 page Choices Training Manual teaches you the highly accepted Choices Method to create breakthroughs in your life (or that of others) that were previously impossible using only basic EFT. The Choices Method introduces POSITIVE thoughts, ideas, and concepts into EFT that you would not find there before…..and by doing so opens up … Continue reading


This combination package includes:

The Choices Manual and Choices Workshop DVDs.


The EFT Choices Training Manual teaches you the widely acclaimed Choices Method.  And the Choices Workshop DVDs give you an unprecedented opportunity to “attend” Dr. Carrington’s popular workshop in the privacy of your home, or at the office — undisturbed.

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