Learn to Meditate (the CSM Method)


Learn to Meditate Kit

Learn to Meditate Kit, by Dr. Patricia Carrington

The Learn to Meditate Kit represents the simplest, safest, and most authoritative form of in-home- meditation instruction presently available for the general public…

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The Complete Meditation System

The Complete Meditation System, by Patricia Carrington Ph.D.

The award-winning Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM) method is recognized by medical authorities and corporations worldwide for its effectiveness and extreme ease of use…

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The Book of Meditation

The Book of Meditation, by Patricia Carrington Ph.D.

The Book of Meditation has been hailed as a classic in the field of modern meditation and is the leading book on the use of meditation for purposes of therapy. This book combines…

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CSM Supervisor’s Kit

Clinically Standardized Meditation Supervisor's Kit by Dr. Patricia Carrington
The CSM Supervisor’s Kit has recently been converted into digital files and consists of 6 audio lectures plus a Supervisor’s Manual. Some of the topics covered in the kit include; using CSM with a variety of clinical conditions (e.g. anxiety, stress-related disorders, sleep disorders, schizophrenia, addictions, etc.); the role of the supervisor using CSM in clinical settings: how to motivate and help trainees to maintain the practice; suggestions for suitable training locations and on-site protocol, running group training and follow-up sessions, using CSM in research, and using CSM in educational and organizational settings.

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CSM Professional Pak

Clinically Standardized Meditation Professional Pak by Dr. Patricia Carrington

The CSM Professional Pak for Clinicians is designed for professionals who wish to teach meditation or who wish to carry out research using meditation. The pack includes all of the basic CSM training components needed to learn the method, bundled into one invaluable professional CSM combination pack at a savings of $9.95.

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