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Here you will find articles on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), arranged by topic, from EFT Master, Patricia Carrington, Ph.D and other EFT practitioners. A number of Dr. Carrington’s articles were originally published on Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques web site and are reprinted here with Gary’s introductory comments. They provide penetrating insights into the use of EFT and the Choices Method and are often illustrated with Dr. Carrington’s own case histories in the form of compelling human stories.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Articles


EFT Tactics includes ways to use EFT to improve outcomes, including how to borrow benefits from others, personal resources, using step-by-step choices, keeping an EFT journal and more.
EFT for Trauma / PTSD
Many types of trauma and ptsd cases have been helped with EFT / Meridian Tapping. These exemplify how EFT has been used for brain trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and childbirth trauma.
EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington shares some of her experiences with using EFT in a clinical setting for different situations, such as stress, anxiety, phobias, depression and more.
Learn how to use EFT tapping to change or improve behavior and perspectives Get organized, improve memory, stop undesirable behaviors.
These articles explore how EFT can improve various physical conditions, along with access to Gary Craig’s articles on using EFT for various physical ailments and illnesses.
These articles share how EFT can be used in medical settings, under various conditions, with useful information for medical professionals.
Articles on using EFT for abundance, success, money and how to get exactly what you want, from EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington.
Learn how EFT can help bring on a restful sleep easily and quickly even if you usually lay awake worrying, tossing and turning.
Dr. Patricia Carrington shares evidence, in these articles, that EFT may provide significant benefits for symptoms of severe mental illnesses and retardation; with cautions.
Learn how EFT Tapping can be used for weight loss, and emotional issues related to over-eating and food cravings.
Discover the powerful effect Emotional Freedom Techniques can have on improving your self-esteem.
Here you will find information on how to assess your EFT practitioner,  how to overcome resistance to EFT and more.
Here is an ever-evolving resource of various EFT methods, which expound upon the basic foundation of EFT.
Teach children EFT tapping, EFT for child behavior, EFT for babies, using EFT with children in the hospital, EFT tapping for back to school fears.
See reports on some completed EFT research and studies that are planned or in progress.
Fears and Phobias
Read how EFT can help with fear of flying, surrogate tapping for fears in another person, and treating multiple phobias with EFT therapy.
In a crisis situation, such as that experienced during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, EFT can be an immensly valuable aid to healing, as shared in these articles.
Here you will find useful contributions from guest authors; other professionals sharing insights derived from their own experiences with using EFT.


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