The Use of Anti-Depressive Medication with EFT

by Dr. Patricia Carrington

I've given much thought to my own experience of using EFT with depressed clients.  At the time of this writing about 90% of my clients used EFT during a portion of practically every one of their therapy sessions.  Although I never articulated this before, there was a pattern in the reaction to EFT in those clients who have been depressed.

EFT for Schizophrenia

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

We all know that EFT can do remarkable things, so that is not news. But it is news when we discover that it can impact conditions which are often thought to be organic in origin and considered hereditary, especially those which are ordinarily treated almost exclusively with medication. I have written previously about some extraordinary effects of EFT on conditions such as severe mental retardation, and today … Continue reading

EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Some things happen unexpectedly with EFT, which leads to innovations and new ways to employ this remarkable tool. These surprise discoveries extend the use of EFT, making us even more able to help ourselves and others.

My client “Marla” entered my office with much self-recrimination because she had failed to report an incident wherein the actions of a neighbor could have affected one of their children.

Although no harm had … Continue reading