Inspirational Stories

The Wand

Star+Gate Wand CardHere is yet another interesting story, motivated by the Star+Gate cards (These are no longer in print). This is a truly special story that may well inspire meaningful contemplation.

When I decide to create a StarGate story, I have no subject matter in mind until I pick the cards from the deck, which are initially drawn from … Continue reading


The Traveler: A Short Story Patricia Carrington

shadow of traveling man with walking stickThis is a new short story, inspired by the Star+Gate cards (no longer in print). This particular story is one of my favorites that may well bestow meaningful contemplation and discovery upon all who read it.

Be sure to read about how these inspirational stories came to … Continue reading


The Little Tree by Patricia Carrington

little tree sapling

If you have read any of my previous “StarGate” stories, you’ll know that they could be called little “parables” that create themselves from the Star+Gate cards in a certain manner. When I write a Stargate story I have no idea what that story is going to be about until I pick the … Continue reading


The Cave of Inwardness

Here is another story, inspired by the Star+Gate cards (these cards are no longer in print). To learn more about how these stories came to be and what these cards are, you can read about that in my introduction to the first story, posted in this blog.

The stories in this series have never been made … Continue reading


A Swan’s Path

Swan on a lakeThe response to my first Star+Gate story, the one I shared in my blog post  “Lessons from a Blue-Violet Butterfly” was so encouraging I have decided that, from time to time, I will post my StarGate stories for you to read. This will be the first time they have been made public.

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Lessons from a Blue-Violet Butterfly: A Short Story by Pat Carrington

blue-violet butterfly on yellow flowerI want to share with you a little inspirational story with a slightly mystical tone that I wrote several years ago. Here is its history.

Some years ago, I purchased a set of cards entitled “Star+Gate” that had a profound effect on my life, but not quite the way the creators of the cards intended.

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