Biography of Dr. Carrington

Dr. Patricia Carrington is a leading psychologist and a pioneer in the burgeoning field of energy psychology. She is an authority in modern mantra meditation and the author of four widely acclaimed books in the self-development field. She is also one of a handful of EFT Practitioners worldwide to have earned the designation of Founding EFT Master from EFT’s originator, Gary Craig.

“Pat” is well known for her innovative Choices Method, which is now used worldwide, because it introduces a much more targeted and positively directed element into the standard EFT protocol. Her audios and books have led the way by introducing cutting edge variations of both EFT and meditation to many thousands of people. Today she is best known for the way that she combines energy psychology with spiritual approaches to achieve a new level of deep personal growth and freedom.
Dr. Carrington hosts this site, one of the most widely visited websites in this field, and publishes an extremely popular content-rich online newsletter Energy Healing Updates.


Dr. Carrington’s Philosophy of Therapy

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