How To Turn Resistance To EFT Into An Asset

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

So-called "resistance" to the EFT process such as not coming down in your intensity level after several rounds of tapping, not remembering to do EFT when it would serve you particularly well to do or feeling certain that EFT will "do no good" for a certain issue, and the like — is always frustrating.

Tap-Along on “How to Remember to Tap” – (Free Tap Along)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Strangely, remembering to do the things that are most useful for us can be difficult. This is because something in us does not want to be stopped in its tracks, we don’t want to switch gears. Often we need to tap most are when we are rushing to get done those things that are on our agenda at this moment. This reluctance to switch gears, to interrupt even an unpleasant … Continue reading

Unable to Experience the Problem with EFT

Question: I have suffered from a fear of speaking and reading aloud in public for many years. When I prepare to do EFT, I often can’t call up the uncomfortable physical symptoms related to public speaking, making it difficult to obtain an initial SUDS level.  Can EFT be effective when one is unable to “experience” the problem one is treating?

Assessing Your Chosen EFT Practitioner

Previously, I discussed the process of finding an EFT practitioner who has sufficient skills to help you with your issue.  Now let’s look at whether the EFT practitioner whom you have finally located is actually the right one for you.  Are they really going to help you where you need help most?

Here are some suggested questions you can ask yourself about any practitioner with whom you are working.  You will not want to continue … Continue reading

When Intensity Level Goes UP Instead of Down with EFT

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Seeing a person’s intensity level (SUDS) go UP rather than down when they do EFT, is a familiar occurrence to all of us who practice this method with clients.  Although this response is relatively rare, it does occur and when it does it is an important sign.  What it tells us is that an issue is surfacing as a result of the person relaxing their guard during … Continue reading

How to Test Your EFT Progress

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

From time to time, Gary Craig and contributors to his newsletter had written about the value of having a practitioner test the results of EFT to make certain that a client is fully benefiting from the process.  It is important to know that one has fully cleared away all (or as many as possible) of the blocks involved in a particular issue.  This makes genuine change possible. … Continue reading