Tapping for Fears and Phobias

woman tapping, fears and phobias, afraidClearing up fears and phobias, in fact, is the number one use of EFT tapping (also known as Meridian Tapping and the Emotional Freedom Technique) among professional practitioners.

When a person experiences shock, trauma, or intense fear – whether due to “real” or imagined circumstances – it can leave a deep, negative imprint on the body’s energy system. This energy disruption is often highly “charged” and can be stubbornly self-sustaining and resistant to change, at least when addressed by conventional methods. Irrational fears may stay with a person for years, decades, or an entire lifetime, locked in the mind/body system essentially undiminished. The disrupted energy continues to flow along its altered “grooves,” much like a river diverted by a huge boulder.

The idea that phobia and fears are even more deeply embedded in the energy system than in the conscious mind evidenced by the fact that these fears are often recognized as “irrational” by the person who harbors them. These fears often show up to hamper us in situations where they make no sense and serve no logical purpose whatsoever. A swimmer with a shark phobia, for example, can become terrified in fresh water, where no sharks could possibly survive. A tourist with a fear of heights can go into a panic, even when a thick wall of safety glass protects them from any possible fall. A hiker can break into cold sweats over the sight of a six-inch garter snake in the distance, known to be harmless.

The mind knows the fear is pointless, the body doesn’t. This is because the fear is embedded in the energy system.

Why Tapping Works to Reduce Fear


Tapping is successful with fears because it does not just use a mental or rational approach, but goes directly to the source of the emotional charge – the disrupted energy signals running through the mind/body system. Because it targets the body’s energy system directly, it can very often clear up fears and phobias with unprecedented ease and speed.

A vast number of clinical records and self-reports from around the world attest to this techniques’ remarkable ability to eliminate longstanding phobias, often (but of course not always) in as little as a single session. EFT tapping has proven effective in handling disabling fears of:

  • medical or dental visits
  • water
  • elevators
  • needles
  • flying
  • riding in automobiles
  • tunnels or bridges
  • public speaking
  • death
  • physical pain
  • heights
  • enclosed spaces
  • creatures such as snakes, mice, spiders, cats, and frogs
  • and many other objects or situations

Of course, the degree of success that tapping achieves with any fear or phobia depends greatly on the individual experiencing it and the depth and severity of the problem. Surprisingly, often the phobia is eliminated entirely when tapping is applied the first time. These immediate changes are also referred to as “One-Minute Wonders.” At other times, the fear may be sharply reduced, initially, but persistent work over time, using EFT tapping, is still needed. For deep, extreme and intransigent cases, the creativity and insight of a trained meridian tapping therapist is needed if the person is going to have a real chance of a reversal or abatement.

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