EFT for Learning Challenges

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Those of you who read my article about Martin, the Web designer who overcame a block to learning an essential computer language, JAVA, by using EFT, will be interested to hear what is happening with him now.   Even if you didn’t read this article, however, you may well be interested in hearing how we handled the next obstacle that came up for him in his saga of computer … Continue reading

Can EFT Help if You Don’t Know What You Want?


Can EFT help if you know that you are willing and capable but don’t know what you want / have no vision?


EFT can indeed help but perhaps not in the way you expect.  You would do well to first address the “tail-enders”, as Gary Craig calls the persistent objections in the back of our minds that often prevent affirmations from working.

Not knowing what you really want in life is far more … Continue reading

Use EFT for the Fairness Myth

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Probably no issue is given more attention during an argument than that of who is "right" and who is "wrong".

If we start to use EFT when we are caught in the "fairness -rightness – wrongness" trap, the issue may be so important in our mind that cooperation with the tapping process can be seriously blocked. The conviction that a "wrong" must be "righted," with justice … Continue reading

How to Use EFT to Change Negative Attitudes

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

EFT is a powerful instrument.  It can even be used to effect a radical change in the way you approach life.

However, as we all know, it is not easy to change the way we react to certain aspects of life, because to us our attitudes seem to be carved in stone; unchangeable.  I have found, however, that we can alter even fundamental views by using … Continue reading