How Tapping Can Affect Medical Implants

by Gene Monterastelli

[Gene’s Note: I am not a medical doctor. I am not qualified to provide medical advice or diagnosis. This article is provided for informational purposes only. Please consult with your primary care physician before making any changes to your health regimen.]

I have found that there are two ways we can improve the effectiveness of a medical implant, whether it be a lens implant in cataract surgery, … Continue reading

EFT Used on Distressed Newborn Infants

By Dr. Patricia Carrrington

Barbara Heffel is a registered nurse working in a birthing center within a hospital. She is an experienced EFT practitioner who has earned the Advanced EFT Certificate of Completion, indicating her thorough knowledge of Gary Craig's Basic "EFT Course" and his "Steps Toward Becoming the Ultimate Therapist".  As a reader of our newsletter, she reports a fascinating use of EFT with newborn infants, an area that has … Continue reading

An Amputation Averted with EFT

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Jan Scholtes works in the Physiotherapy Department of a hospital in Holland where “Hans” (not his real name) is an outpatient who has long been suffering from severely impaired blood circulation in his legs.  When he was referred to the department by his surgeon, he had already undergone five bypass operations in a futile attempt to correct this situation and was experiencing continuous excruciating pain in his … Continue reading

Introducing EFT to Hospital Personnel

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

If EFT is important in your life, as it is in mine, you must surely have imagined what it would be like if EFT were made readily available to people facing emergency medical conditions. For many years, I have pictured desirable scenes which include the availability of EFT for patients in an Emergency Room, or for their distraught families in the waiting room; or have envisioned medics … Continue reading

Surrogate Tapping in the Hospital

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

In terms of acceptance, surrogate tapping, which is in effect tapping for someone other than one's self, still has a long road ahead. However, its cousin, “distant prayer,” is quite readily accepted in many places the world over. People will often resort to prayer to heal a loved one even if they do not have deep spiritual convictions. It just seems a natural thing to do. Surrogate … Continue reading