Gil Alan Interview Teleseminar Replay

 An Important Interview About Grief and Separation

Teleseminar Replay

Why am I writing you about this?

 My reason is that I want to tell you about a fascinating online interview that turned out to be so interesting to those who listened to it that I want to give you a chance to hear it as soon as possible.

The interview has to do with a new kind of Guided Imagery that handles grief and other effects of being separated from a deceased loved one, in a way which has never, to my knowledge, been used before in psychotherapy. 

The Guided Imagery Journey 

In the teleseminar, I explore this extremely effective approach with a special guest, spiritual teacher, Gil Alan. The unique form of Guided Imagery we discuss deals with the “unfinished business” we all have with our deceased loved ones. This imagery requires no belief in an afterlife, but is compatible with any belief you may already have about an afterlife…whether it is religious, spiritual, or based on scientific research. It is simply an easy, comforting imaginary journey that possesses enormous healing power.

For the better part of a year, I have been working with this form of guided imagery in my practice of Inner Guidance Counseling.

My Teleseminar (see replay below) introduces you to an aspect presented by Gil Alan. The process we discuss allows you to contact, through imagination or in actuality (either way you want to look at it) your deceased loved one(s) by drawing upon your deepest, most intuitive self to gain important insights. It can be an extraordinary healing experience. ​

To hear this important replay, click on arrow to listen, or right click here to download.

Patricia Carrington

Gil Alan, Spiritual Teacher

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