Dr. Patricia Carrington's Complete Choices PackageEFT Choices Complete Training Package


This is the complete EFT Choices training set that includes Patricia Carrington’s EFT Choices Manual (E-Book), the Choices in Action: Handling Confidence at the Workplace audios, a “live” session between Dr. Carrington and one of her clients regarding issues of self-esteem, PLUS FREE BONUS: Dr. Carrington’s EFT Choices Workshop Teaching Video. with which you can participate in a live workshop on the Choices Method conducted by her.

Value of $51.95



This method of injecting  “Choices” into EFT soon developed into a definite protocol that has been shown to be extremely effective, not only for Dr. Carrington’s own clients and workshop participants, but for many others, as well.

The EFT Choices Combination Package is the ideal way to learn the Choices Method and the perfect way to achieve mastery in your use of EFT.


This beautifully produced combination package includes the classic EFT Choices Training Manual (E-Book), the Choices Workshop Training video and the EFT Choices in Action audios. The widely acclaimed 115 page Choices Manual contains a wealth of highly useable information on “Choices.” Using the DVD you participate in a “live” workshop on “The Choices Method.” The Choices in Action audios let you in on a “live” telephone session with Dr. Carrington as she uses the EFT Choices Method with one of her own clients.


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