Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry

Audio and E-Book: by Patricia Carrington Ph.D.

(Previously Entitled “Erasing the Habit of Worrying” #13)

The fact is that worrying about something we fear will happen is actually self defeating because it rapidly shuts down the higher centers of the brain necessary for the most efficient problem-solving. What is more, worry all too often masquerades as a helpful activity, one that is necessary to “save us,” even though actually it seriously hampers us.

To eliminate persistent worry and replace it with intelligent concern is very desirable, especially in these stressful times, and this can be accomplished readily if we apply EFT/Tapping to the problem in a way that Dr. Carrington finds to be extremely effective for herself, her clients, and many others. This teleseminar focuses on how to rid ourselves of the “worry-thinking” that hampers our lives, and replace it with calm and effective planning.

Now you can eliminate persistent worry that may be hampering your life and replace it with intelligent concern and highly effective planning by using the Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry quick-training package. As you listen, you will experience a burden of worry far heavier than you may have realized being lifted from your shoulders.

The package includes:

90-Minute Training Audio with special EFT exercises designed to silence your fear-based “worry thinking.” 

Change Worry into Wonder E-Book, This impactful e-book presents a full in-depth tapping session which you can use for transforming the way you handle worry and the  hidden  fear that underlies it.  Dr. Carrington shows you how to use her well-known EFT Choices Method of tapping to handle this problem by introducing a strong positive element  into your EFT practice. This e-book is invaluable for those caught in the cycle of recurring worry.

Transcript (PDF) of Audio Recording

Learn how you can replace despair with hope and discouragement with joy.


Audio & E-Book


Audio, E-Book, & Transcript 



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