How to Break Free of Procrastination


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Do the following words sound familiar to you?



I ‘m willing to bet that most of you say this to yourself at least several times a day… I used to do that and I still do sometimes, but not nearly as often as before. I will tell you why in a minute.


  • The tendency to put things off to a later time may be a practical decision in a given instance but it is a compulsion at those times when you know it’s not in your best interest to postpone – but you DO that nevertheless.
  • More than 35% of people find that they have little or no control over whether or not they procrastinate. You are not alone if you are experiencing this difficulty!
  • Using willpower has little or no effect on the tendency to procrastinate except in the very short run and probably not then. If overused, it can make the problem worse.

If breaking the procrastination barrier is what you would like to do, this special training session is bound to  create some important changes in your life.

This exciting product consists of three parts:

1. An audio in which I “immunize” you against the influence of inner self-talk that can make you postpone necessary actions. In it I use the Emotional Erasing Technique to help you rid yourself of this common behavior, and then lead you into a positive approach which frees you to realize the power you have right now your own life.

2. An e-Book entitled The 8 Reasons You Procrastinate and How to Stop Them that targets a type of procrastination based on a universal need to experience freedom of choice in our own lives.

This very common habit is an unfortunate expression of a basically healthy need. The training contained in the e-Book helps you correct that unwanted behavior by leading you through 8 carefully structured tapping sequences over an 8-day period.

3. Eight training audios that coincide with the 8 day course, recorded by Dr. Carrington, to lead you through the sessions.

This “immersion experience,” during which you tackle a different aspect of this problem each day, allows you to become the “captain of your own ship” in your life in a way that is likely to end your need to procrastinate once and for all. You may even find yourself making “friends” with deadlines!


How to Break Free of Procrastination MP3 and eBook

Audio Teleseminar and E-Book


How to Break Free of Procrastination 8-Day Training Audios & eBook by Pat Carrington

Audio Teleseminar, E-Book,
and 8-Day Audio Training



How to Break Free of Procrastination 8-Day Training

Audio Teleseminar & Transcript, eBook
and 8-Day Audio Training


How to Break Free of Procrastination Audio Transcript

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