Learn to Meditate Kit – Clinincally Standardized Meditation

Learn to Meditate Kit, by Dr. Patricia CarringtonRecipient of the National Health Association Award for the Best Corporate Stress Management Program of the Year, the Learn to Meditate Kit represents the simplest, safest, and most authoritative form of in-home- meditation instruction presently available for the general public.

Stress management expert Dr. Patricia Carrington is your teacher and her voice provides a blend of authority, genuineness, and warmth, which makes learning her Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM) method a unique and powerful experience.

This easy-to-follow instruction kit contains downloads of the 8 audios (MP3s) used in the company-wide CSM meditation program of  New York Telephone Company, plus the 100 page Learn to Meditate Manual . Using this method you can master meditation within a week and feel its powerful effects at once.

The Learn to Meditate Kit training audios consist of over 4 hours of guiding instruction from Dr. Patricia Carrington and a download of the Learn to Meditate Manual.

The Learn to Meditate Manual provides step-by-step instruction that includes:

  • Highlighted sections of essential reading that introduces the basics of CSM.
  • Evaluation questionnaires with accompanying advisory sheets to assist you in troubleshooting any specific difficulties or concerning experiences you might have.
  • Additional material, such as evaluation charts, daily meditation checklists, meditation timing and scheduling charts, help you keep track of your meditating experiences and improve your meditation practice, all of which can be used as a valuable source of future reference, once you become an experienced meditator.

Includes eight Training Audios (MP3s digitized from the original 4 CD’s and distinguished by Tracks):

Audio Disk 1 /Track 1: Introduction (22:29 min.)

Audio Disk 1/Track 2: Benefits of Meditation (23:35 min)

Audio Disk 2/Track 1: Day 1 Guided Instruction (28:51 min)

Audio Disk 2/Track 2: Day 1 Post Meditation Discussion (28:52 min)

Audio Disk 3/Track 1: Day 2 Mediation Discussions (26:22):

  • Meditating alone
  • Handling interruptions
  • Meditation scheduling and routines
  • Meditation environment

Audio Disk 3/Track 2: Day 9 Meditation Discussion & FAQs (28:39 min):

  • Precautions about making comparisons to meditation experiences of others
  • Noticing changes, or not noticing changes in yourself
  • Trusting your inner time-table
  • Precautions regarding over-meditating
  • When to meditate more frequently
  • Using meditation during anxiety attacks
  • Using mini-meditations
  • Meditation as an adjunct to regulating high blood pressure
  • Meditating while lying down
  • Using meditation to induce sleep
  • Moving forward with your meditation
    • Taking vacations versus blocks to meditation
    • Commencing your meditation after subsiding from it

Audio Disk 4/Track 1 (27:34) – Meditation for Enhancing Life

  • Finding time for meditation
  • Discussion on the rest-activity cycle
  • Scattering mini-meditations throughout your day
  • Study of New York Telephone employees trained in CSM

Audio Disk 4/Track 2 (30:12) – Guided Preparatory or Renewal Meditation


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