Learn to Meditate Course

Learn to Meditate Course by Patricia Carrington Ph.D.

The Updated and Improved “Learn to Meditate Course” 


This “award-winning” course was the recipient of the National Health Association Award for the Best Corporate Stress Management Program of the Year and is currently used as a major means of stress reduction in medical centers and other health organizations throughout the world.

The course is considered by many authorities to be the simplest, safest, and most authoritative form of meditation instruction presently available for the general public.

Who Teaches the Course?

Stress management expert and former Princeton University Psychology Instructor Dr. Patricia Carrington is your teacher and her voice in the audios provides a blend of authority, genuineness, and warmth, which makes learning her unique Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM) method a powerful means of reducing stress on a permanent basis.

What is Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM)?

This easy-to-learn form of meditation is a westernized version of an ancient practice known as “mantra meditation” in which a soothing sound (known as a “mantra”) is repeated mentally, usually for 10 to 20 minutes, under quiet conditions. In this course, you will also learn how to do “Mini Meditations” to help you relieve stress and gain your focus any time you need a rejuvenating boost. Unlike some other forms of meditation, CSM does not require effort or force one to concentrate at any time.

How is CSM different from TM?

While CSM and TM are equivalent in their effects, they differ in the following

  • CSM trainees choose their own mantra or choose from the CSM list of mantras,
    while TM assigns a secret mantra to each trainee.
  • TM uses a special Sanskrit (Puja) ceremony at the time of instruction,
    while CSM does not use any ceremony.
  • TM does not ordinarily encourage variations in the frequency and length
    of time used for meditation or in other aspects of the practice. Making
    individual adjustments to suit the personality and lifestyle of the trainee is
    a core principle of CSM training.
  • The CSM instruction method was developed by a professional in the
    mental health field that used an experimental approach when establishing
    its procedures.
  • CSM requires no specific belief, religion, or spirituality. It was developed as a secular, clinical form of meditation practice.

How is CSM different from Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is a much more disciplined method than the simple forms of mantra meditation and therefore requires more dedication and more time spent in learning it. For this reason, Mindfulness is usually best mastered in person. CSM is effortless and easy to learn in the comfort of your home.

The Learn to Meditate Course Contents

Dr. Carrington’s easy-to-follow course includes 8 audios (MP3 downloads), the Learn to Meditate Manual (75-page PDF), plus the New Learn to Meditate Course Workbook (a 42-page Interactive PDF), along with a short Preparation Instructions eBook.  

The Learn to Meditate Manual by Dr. Patricia Carrington Ph.D.The Learn to Meditate Manual includes:

  • Your step-by-step instruction in CSM, along with a wealth of helpful information on a broad array of topics relating to meditation
  • Special considerations: Medical issues, meditating teens, meditating couples
  • Handling typical problems that may arise during mediation
  • Best times of day for meditating
  • Timing your meditation
  • Best posture during meditation
  • Selecting and using your mantra
  • Reducing tension arising from tension-release while meditating
  • Special problems and exceptional circumstances during a meditation session
  • Combining exercise and meditation


The Learn to Meditate Course Workbook by Dr. Patricia CarringtonThe Learn to Meditate Course Workbook consists of:

  • “Progress Questionnaires” with accompanying advisory sheets to assist you in troubleshooting any difficulties you might face while learning mediation.
  • Additional material, such as daily meditation checklists, meditation timing and scheduling charts, help you keep track of your meditation experiences and improve your meditation practice. These can be used as a valuable resource in future reference once you become an experienced meditator.
  • Interactive form elements so you can type directly into the questionnaires and charts, using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone. (You can also choose to print the PDFs and work with them manually)

Listening to meditation MP3sThe Eight Training Audios consist of nearly 4 hours of instruction directly by Dr. Patricia Carrington:

  • Introductory Talk 1: Explains the meditation process (22:29 min.)
  • Introductory Talk 2: Describes the benefits of meditation (23:35 min)
  • Day 1: BASIC INSTRUCTION (28:51 min)
  • Day 1: Post Meditation Discussion Session (28:52 min)
  • Day 2: How to live with meditation(26:22):
    • Meditating by yourself
    • What to do if interrupted during meditation
    • Meditation scheduling and routines
    • Your meditation environment
  • Day 9 Meditation Guidance & FAQs (28:39 min):
    • Advice about making comparisons to meditation experiences of others
    • Noticing your progress as you go along
    • Trusting your inner time-table
    • Cautions against over-meditating
    • When you meditate more often
    • Using meditation when you are highly anxious
    • Using meditation to help regulate high blood pressure
    • Meditation as an adjunct to regulating high blood pressure
    • Meditating while lying down
    • Using meditation to induce restful sleep
    • Moving to the next level
    • Commencing meditation again after a hiatus
  • Meditation for Enhancing Life (27:34) 
    • Finding time to meditate in a busy life
    • How to use the Rest-Activity Cycle (RAC)
    • Scattering Mini-Meditations throughout your day
    • New York Telephone’s program in CSM (research study)
    • Guided session for renewing your meditation practice


Using this method, you can master meditation within a week and feel its powerful effects at once!


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CSM does not constitute a replacement for treatment by a competent health care professional for patients suffering from physical or emotional symptoms requiring therapeutic intervention. In particular, people who are receiving medication for endocrine or metabolic control or for the control of pain or of psychiatric symptoms, should be under the care of a health professional familiar with the effects of profound relaxation upon medical conditions and drug therapy. Keep in mind that persons using insulin, thyroxin or anti-hypertensive medications, in particular, may require decreases in dosage of these drugs while engaging in the regular practice of CSM, and their physicians should be asked to read the Information Sheet for Doctors (Included in the Preparations Instruction PDF ).






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