EFT Choices Manual

EFT Choices Manual by Dr. Patricia CarringtonLEARN THE ACCLAIMED CHOICES METHOD


This widely acclaimed 115 page Choices Training Manual teaches you the highly accepted Choices Method to create breakthroughs in your life (or that of others) that were previously impossible using only basic EFT. The Choices Method introduces POSITIVE thoughts, ideas, and concepts into EFT that you would not find there before…..and by doing so opens up a host of new possibilities for your life.

The EFT Choices Method was born as a result of Dr. Carrington’s experimentation with her own clients.  During the use of it, the person applying the method identifies the outcome that they would truly like to have for the problem at hand, and then puts this desired outcome into a statement that commences with the words “I choose…” It contains a wealth of highly usable information on devising and using “Choices.”

In this vital manual you will learn:

  • The fascinating history of the Choices Method and why it is so powerful.
  • How to formulate “Choices” for healing
  • Special Choices for pain, anger, relationship problems, abuse, times of crisis and other negative situations
  • Compelling Choices to enhance your life in sports, public speaking, etc.

What others say about the Manual:

Thank you so much for your wonderful Choices manual.  As soon as I started reading it I found I couldn’t put it down!”

Mair Llewellyn Edwards (Mairllll@aol.com) EFT Therapist

The Choices manual is invaluable for anyone interested in expanding their use of EFT.”

Gary Craig — Founder of EFT

Although I’ve read it over several times, it’s written in such a way that absolutely anyone can understand and follow your ideas.”

Lynn Griffin (SlynnH@aol.com)

“It was as though you were sitting next to me explaining exactly why and how it works.”

Marcia Platt, LCSW (marplatt@aol.com) Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Now, you can discover why the EFT Choices Method is creating such excitement in the energy psychology field.


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