Clearing Your Financial Fears with Dr. Pat Carrington

Clearing Financial Fears with EFT TrainingTeleseminar #40 Clearing Financial Fears with Emotional Erasing

Sometimes something we have created, becomes one of our favorite things to share…


This may not be because it is excellent from a professional standpoint, although it may be that, but because it “hits the spot” for almost everyone who uses it.

If you worry about your finances in the hope of finding an answer to challenges around money, you soon discover that this doesn’t lead to productive action or inner peace – this teleseminar could produce an amazing turnaround for you. 

In this powerful training event, you will learn a new EFT process, Emotional Erasing, which allows you to counter the destructive effects of negative and alarming self-talk (something we all experience during stressful times), at the exact moment  you are experiencing such negative thoughts.

I (Pat Carrington) can guarantee that the audience interactions and Tapping exercises within this 70-minute audio of one of my most popular live teleseminars, Clearing Financial Fears, along with the Tap-Alongs in my brand new 18-page e-book, Excessive Worrying About Finances: How to Transform it with EFT, will totally shift the way you handle any financial difficulties you may be facing.

The live event was one of my most inspiring teleseminars for all who attended, and I believe my new e-book, combined with the recording of that teleseminar, truly makes this one of the most useful self-help products I have ever presented to you.


Here’s what this program can do for you:

  • Put your financial worries in correct perspective so that you no longer experience those seeming “realistic” fears.
  • Clear your mind of an incapacitating dread of the future.
  • Replace even your worst financial fears by intelligent and effective action.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to handle the financial challenges that you face.
  • Be remarkably effective in solving your present financial problems.

This EFT intervention can literally turn things around for you!


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