EFT Choices in Action MP3s, by Dr. Patricia Carrington

Handling Confidence in the Work Place


Sit in on a “live” EFT telephone session with a client while Dr. Carrington shows you new ways to apply the Choices method and personal Resources States to a problem of self esteem that is affecting her client at work.

In the audios (Approx 1 1/2 hrs.), Dr. Carrington breaks into the session at intervals to share her strategy of using EFT Choices, comments on the reactions of her client and clarifies the use of the Choices method in general.

The EFT Choices techniques demonstrated in this series include:

  • How to formulate EFT Choices that “land” with the client
  • How to elicit compelling Personal resource States for Choices
  • How to elicit positive states without suppressing negative ones
  • How to use role playing to increase the effectiveness of EFT
  • How to use calculated repetition to achieve optimal results
  • How to insure that an EFT session carries over to real life

If you choose, you may also Borrow Benefits by tapping along with the client during the session.

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