Thoughts That Can Prevent Sleep – How EFT Can Help

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

One of the most prevalent mental activities that occur when you cannot readily get to sleep is worrying about some current situation or trying to find a solution to it.  Both these things feel as though they were urgently necessary –– somehow you become convinced that you MUST solve this problem or worry about it –– NOW.  A very useful EFT statement to say quietly in your mind if you are facing this kind of dilemma is to use the EFT Choices phrase:

I choose to allow my subconscious to work it out while I am sleeping peacefully.”

The fact is, your subconscious is often much better able to solve your problem, whatever it may be, than a wakeful tossing “you” may be.  We all know that many famous inventions have occurred to their originators during sleep.  Sleep is an excellent problem solving time when your creative resources can be mobilized powerfully.

Another reason for prolonged wakefulness is that you begin to worry

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about whether you will get enough sleep!  This is a self-defeating maneuver which can often be counteracted by the following EFT statement:

Even though I’m scared that I won’t get enough sleep, I choose to feel so relaxed and peaceful that it won’t make any difference.

By saying this you are taking the pressure off of yourself to “go to sleep” and therefore you will probably not create as much resistance to the onset of sleep.  The truth is, if you allow yourself to lie in bed deeply relaxed it’s going to do you so much good that you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting enough sleep!

Another familiar occurrence is a restless state where you can’t seem to get comfortable no matter what position you lie in, and you have to keep moving.  An excellent EFT statement for this is…

Even though I can’t get comfortable and have to keep moving, I choose to enjoy moving and stretching rhythmically and forget about sleep.

Notice that in all these EFT Choices statements you are taking away your own DEMAND that you go to sleep.  You are using a “Re-framing” technique, which converts the need to move and stretch into a pleasant rhythmical activity which will be beneficial and may well lead to sleep eventually.

The need to figure out what you’re going to do about something and make an important decision is a frequent cause of sleeplessness.  If you find yourself in this predicament a very useful EFT Choices statement is the following:

Even though I feel I MUST make a decision now, I choose to put all decisions on hold and just let my thoughts drift (or “chill out” etc.)”

Here you are instructing yourself to put what seems so urgent, on hold.  This can be an extremely effective maneuver.

These are only of the few of the useful EFT Choices statements that might help bring on a restful sleep.  I suggest you be inventive in creating your own statements to suit your own circumstances and see my How to Have Heavenly Sleep training package.  You will find it remarkably effective to use EFT when you are unable to sleep at night.

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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