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At birth, time was an unknown concept to us.  We instinctively reverberated to the rhythms of the sun and the earth, but we didn't have a "time sense" in the manner that we do as we grew out of infancy. Life was much less stressful then, because we did not feel trapped within an artificial cage consisting of minutes, seconds, hours, days or years.

As we matured, we quickly discovered the "contraints of time." Does this mean that time must control every moment of our life today? Must it rule us? Or, can we become free from its tyranny and simply move into different ways of experiencing "time," at will?

Yes, we can! With EFT, we can profoundly alter our relationship with time to free ourselves from the over-whelming sense of time scarcity.

In my Expanding Personal Time: The Ultimate Time Management System, I teach you how to use EFT to set yourself free from the relentless pressure of "not enough time." This technique has worked extremely well for many people, and it will hopefully work for you in exactly the same way.

Because I have seen the very undesirable consequences people often experience from the constraints of time, I want to share with you the opportunity to learn this new technique and apply it, whenever you are feeling that there is not enough time…


Expanding Personal Time with EFT




Dissolving Deadline Pressure E-Book”

Using the Choices Method

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

With this new tapping strategy, you can use the EFT Choices Method to change your sense of pressure and entrapment from the deadlines and time limitations in your life.  You will now have the gratifying experience of being in control of your own time, at all times. You will become the master of your deadlines, rather than allowing them to control your life.

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