Policies of Dr. Carrington’s Inner Guidance Counseling

Inner Guidance Counseling with Dr. Patricia Carrington

Dr. Carrington’s Inner Guidance Counseling work is conducted exclusively over the telephone or by auditory Skype.  This regulation applies even to clients who reside in the state of New Jersey, as well as to those in other locations.

Dr. Carrington must be notified of cancellation of an existing appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled session or you will be charged for that session.  Exceptions will of course be made in the case of emergencies in which event your appointment will be rescheduled without charge.  

Extension of Session:  
Occasionally a treatment session will run longer than its scheduled time if you are in the midst of an important process which it would be unwise to interrupt.  In this event you will be informed when the time limit is reached and given the opportunity to continue or stop at that point.  If you continue, the additional time will be subracted from the total time of the package you purchased.


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