Working with High Trauma

Pat’s comments: What can we really do about High Trauma – that shattering experience which results from disasters and other life-threatening situations? Can EFT alone, as we have known it, handle these? Or is something else needed?

These are the questions that haunt those of us who seek the best possible solution for those who come to us for help – those of us who want to make the energy psychology techniques expand in their power and their scope until they can truly affect the world in major ways.

In this spirit …

I want to tell you about one of the most powerful advances yet made in this field –Karl Dawson’s ingenious EF T process known as Matrix ReImprinting.

I’m going to let you know about an exciting way you can begin to learn about its possibilities from videos which you play at home.

But first – What on earth is Matrix Re-Imprinting?

Probably the best way to explain this is to ask you to imagine how you would feel if someone were to tell you that it is possible to travel back through time using a special EFT technique and, in effect, rewrite your history?

What if they told you that you could change the past and transform traumatic events that you may have faced at some point in your life into something quite different by installing what I (Pat Carrington – this is neither Karl Dawson’s nor Karin Davidson’s term, just what I have called it) call an “alternate memory?”

This is a radical concept and may seem hard to accept if you are first hearing about it. But read on. The results of creating these ‘alternate memories’ can be extraordinary and the implications of this method, if you want to take them there, extend into the world of quantum physics and the theory of the Zero Point Field.

BUT – to answer a question that may be lingering in your mind, no, you don’t get confused and think that what happened to you in your life didn’t happen, it did and you can always remember it, but now it will be without the pain that it brought to you originally and the devastating consequences to your life. It’s your perception of the history that changes.

When Matrix Reimprinting is used this is no longer only one possibility for you. You now have a truly positive option. A very special form of healing occurs as a result.

When I use Matrix Reimprinting in my work with clients it can be almost magical in its effects.


Now let me tell you about a way in which you easily acquaint yourself with this advanced use of EFT.

Here it is:

Karin Davidson, one of the foremost proponents of Matrix Reimprinting and the leading trainer of this method in the United States is now presenting the amazing tool of Matrix Reimprinting by means of a series of DVDs which are as follows:

Firefighter Karin Davidson working with a client Operation
Demonstrates a Firefighters Pain from the shock of the charred body of the four-year-old in the closet “I was shot at” and the freeze response A theme park attraction turns into a child’s lifelong trauma

Above you see three components of Karin’s exciting new product.

  • Her two DVDs target what she calls High Trauma. As you watch the first of these, you borrow benefits by experiencing what Matrix Reimprinting does for posttraumatic stress disorder in a veteran firefighter. He was suffering from the secondhand impact of all the tragic events he has had to witness, which culminated in finding the charred body of a 4 year old who had tried to get away from a fire by hiding in a cabinet. Standard EFT helped, but he still could not bring himself to even look at his firefighter uniform and helmet. You watch this man create an alternate memory to replace a “real life” traumatic one – and you see the emancipation which follows.

  • In the second DVD, “I Was Shot At,” you see the “freeze response,” an automatic component of high stress, become totally released as the woman in question goes through the Matrix Reimprinting process. Her automatic terror of loud noises entirely disappears.

  • In the intriguing Audio Bonus, Karin lets you listen in on an actual private client session where you experience a trauma created when the woman in question was a small child and she went into a huge video dome, with new surround sound technology, hearing and seeing in giant, floating close-up graphics, images of a heart transplant and a baby being born. Standard EFT helped her deal with this trauma to some extent, but when Matrix Reimprinting was added to regular EFT, she was at last fully released from the effects of this trauma – she was now actually liberated.

AND JUST FOR READERS OF THIS NEWSLETTER:  Karin  is including a new bonus radio interview when you purchase the set in which she details the process of Matrix Reimprinting so you can learn how to implement it for yourself. This addition to her regular offering gives unprecedented value to this exciting offer.

To sum all this up…

Working With High Trauma is an eye opening product in the energy field that I can recommend as being of the greatest value for just about everyone.

There is practically no one who hasn’t had traumatic experiences in their life and who wouldn’t wish for that to have been different.

Now is your chance to “borrow benefits” from these powerful “change” sessions conducted by Matrix Reimprinting expert Karin Davidson, and while doing this to transform your own life. And now is your chance to begin to use this amazing technique yourself.

Karin Davidson


Karin’s “Working With High Trauma” DVD set presently sells for $37

To learn more  CLICK HERE.

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