What We Can Learn from the Animal World

Would you like to experience the kind of simple love and trust that two animals from very different species feel in this film when they meet each other?  If so, I suggest you follow me as I lead you in my tapping sequence for “The Cat and The Dolphin” video.



The tapping sequence I present here does not imply that you should feel safe in every situation, or at all times. There are clearly dangers we must look out for in life.  But these may be far fewer than we are taught to expect, and far more alterable than most of us realize.


If you don’t know the EFT tapping spots, In order to do the tapping exercise you can tap continuously on the Karate Chop Spot while repeating my tapping phrases and it will work excellently. The Karate Chop Spot is located on the side of your hand that is opposite your thumb, underneath your little finger.  You will find it halfway between the base knuckle of the “pinky” and the wrist bone – on the soft side of the hand.  You will find it on the left lower side of the tapping diagram.



This is a Simple Three-Part Process:

To access Part 1 of this exercise where you will watch the original unedited video as seen on YouTube, click on the photo below:

Or, you can download/view it here: https://www.patcarrington.com/Videos/Cat-And -Dolphins-Playing-Together-1.m4v

To access Part 2 of this exercise, where you will listen to the audio and “tap-in” the message of love and trust from the cat and the dolphin, click on the arrow button below:

Listen right now to this tap-along with Dr. Patricia Carrington,
or download for later.



(To download, right click on the link below for Windows, or download according to instructions for your device)

Dolphin and Cat Tap-Along

To access Part 3 of this exercise where you will listen to my (Pat C.’s) voice leading you once again in the tapping as you watch a newly edited version of the video,  click this photo:

Or, you can download/view it here: https://patcarrington.com/Videos/Dolphin-cat-video-tapping-final-1.m4v



Here is a transcript of this tapping sequence which you can read out loud in your own voice any time you may be watching the original video.



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