Use EFT While Waiting On The Phone

Did you ever save up a bunch of EFT tapping statements to use when you have a spare moment during the day? It’s like having a package of almonds or other crunchies in your pocket to munch on when you’re hungry.

Why Use EFT On the Phone

EFT statements can be tapped on very profitably during your waiting time on the telephone.  Most of us don’t use EFT anything like as often as we could because we think of it as a lengthy task. We imagine ourselves creating a setup phrase and then tapping systematically until we are finished with an EFT session – a real process.

This does not necessarily have to be the way you use it however. For example, time spent waiting on the telephone to be transferred from one department to another is usually considerable and can be a good opportunity to “sneak in” some useful EFT.

Why is this a good idea? One reason is that usually no specific task has been assigned beforehand to fill this time because you couldn’t possibly have known that it would occur, or how long it would last.

If you make many phone calls to large organizations, you’re probably familiar with being asked to “wait for the next available representative”. You have no choice but to comply and you may also have noticed that this “wait” can extremely long.

You may have music played to you during the (sometimes interminably long) extended pause, or hear commercials played for the company you are calling, or get dead silence interrupted by repetitive taped messages telling you that someone will be with you “soon”. Whatever fills this space is pretty much lost time for you unless you do something else that has meaning to you. Why not use that “lost time” to strengthen you practice of EFT?

As you wait on the telephone for a human being to finally speak to you, it can be extremely helpful to start tapping on (or imagine tapping on) an EFT statement such as, “Even though I feel annoyed (angry, furious, discouraged etc.) at this wait, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Or, if you are using the EFT Choices Method where you insert a positive intention at the end of your EFT statement, you can say, “Even though I’m annoyed (etc.) at this wait, I choose to see it as a welcome pause in a hectic day.” By introducing this positive “reframe” into your EFT statement you are bringing a positive note into your day that would not have been there otherwise.

Creating an “EFT Notes” Folder

Or you can do something quite different. You can plan ahead of time to tap if you find yourself on hold during the day. If you do this you can address a current problem by using an EFT statement that you have previously created. You may want to set up an “EFT Notes” folder on your desktop where you will store EFT statements that you plan to work on. These statements can have been created on the spot at the time when something was troubling you and you didn’t have the time to deal with it right there and then with EFT.  They will form a valuable collection of tapping subjects for you to use during your inevitable telephone waiting times each day.

As you sit waiting for the company representative, whoever he or she may be, you can just open your EFT Notes folder and start tapping on one of the statements you find there. Or, if you are going to be out of the house and will not have a computer with you, you might want to copy down one or two of your EFT statements that are in that folder onto 3 x 5 index cards and take these cards with you to use during your waiting times during that day. It’s a great way to use that time productively.

The point is that EFT is not something to be shut away in a closet and only thought about occasionally when you happen to enter that closet for some specific purpose.  It can become an integral part of your day and it is wonderfully productive to use it this way.

I hope you try doing this…

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

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