Use EFT to Turn Your Life Into an Adventure

Let Life Be an Adventure EFT Training by Dr. Patricia CarringtonBy Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Teleseminar #35)

EFT is not only useful to tap-out painful and debilitating thoughts and feelings and clear out negative beliefs; it can be used to inspire us and bring a remarkable sense of joy into our lives.

If you are familiar with my work you will know that the inspirational use of EFT is one of my major interests. Used in this way, EFT can be deeply nourishing and bring unexpected lightness and joy into our lives and simultaneously this will help us to heal our wounds of the past even more effectively.

I think it is now time that we joined together to reestablish the balance in our lives between the difficulties that life brings and the delights it holds. Doing that will allow us to heal on the deepest level.

How can we accomplish this?

To address this question I present an unusual audio training, Let Life Be an Adventure, and its new accompanying eBook, How to Install Memories of Lovely Moments. It is specifically for you if you:

●  Feel trapped by negative people or circumstances in your life.

●  Are blocked in reaching an important goal and unable to push through this barrier.

●  Feel your tension mounting seriously as you worry about your future.

●  Have a sense of discouragement or perhaps even hopelessness about the way things are going for you.

●  Are out of touch with the simple joys of daily living that you experienced in your more carefree moments in childhood.

This training package will show you how to use tapping to change your vibrational level to one of natural abundance and everyday happiness. You are therefore much more likely to attract truly good experiences into your life.









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