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hand holding performance sign, tapping for improved performanceEmotional Freedom Technique, also known as  EFT, EFT Tapping, and Meridian Tapping, is a brilliant tool for clearing fears and phobias, but its usefulness goes well beyond counteracting negative emotions. Tapping can produce positive emotions and behavior just as easily as it can clear away negative feelings. As a result, the emotional freedom technique has found its way into classrooms and boardrooms, onto stages, and playing fields, as athletes, artists, and a wide range of others who strive to excel in one area or another are discovering its remarkable power to remove internal obstacles that get in the way of high-level performance.

Practice, knowledge, and talent are required for the highest level of achievement, of course. Tapping won’t teach you how to play a Bach fugue or hit a fastball. However, it may help you remove the negative beliefs that are telling you that you are incapable of hitting a fastball. Or, it may help you maintain mental presence and focus to such a degree that the fastball seems to “slow down,” permitting you to hit it with exceptional ease.

Many psychologists, coaches, and other who help people enhance their performance believe that for every talented star performer, there are thousands of equally talented individuals who never make it. These people remain “nobodies” in their chosen field because of emotional blocks, and they may not even realize they possess remarkable potential.

There are many psychological factors, both obvious and subtle, that compromise our ability to perform at our own top level. These factors include expectations of failure based on unrealistically high standards, fear of being watched or compared (“stage fright”), fear of others’ resentments of our success, fear of injury, or memories of disappointments that make us shrink back from the crucial tests, among others. Few, if any of us, are free from such impediments. The Emotional Freedom Technique can do a marvelous job in these areas. As a result, when mental/emotional impediments are cleared up – often quickly and simply – our natural talent can blossom to its fullest.

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“Performance,” we should remember, is not limited to something done on a sound stage or football field. The same rules that apply to athletes and actors apply to students, business people, parents, and community volunteers. We all have gifts we would like to maximize and skills that can be improved upon.  Most of us also have performance barriers in some area or another that we’d like to be free from. For these, we can now apply the emotional freedom technique. The downside is practically nil, while the upside is potentially huge!

Many of the issues related to performance are similar to those discussed in the Tapping for Fears and Phobias article. Often, our fears and limiting self-talk keep us “in the box,” instead of “in the zone” and prevent us from excelling at our highest potential. We mentally set our performance “thermostat” at one fixed level and don’t allow ourselves to expand beyond our “comfort zone.”

For the reasons just described, EFT tapping can be a brilliant addition to any skills training program. A wide range of professional athletes, musicians, coaches and everyday people have reported stunning breakthroughs in performance after only one or a few sessions of tapping. These breakthroughs are happening in areas as diverse as:

As with all uses of emotional freedom technique, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Your eating in this case. Where would you like to optimize your performance and bring your highest natural talents to the foreground? The sky may be the limit!

Tapping “Choices” Statements to Enhance Performance


Even though I’m worried about (this new challenge, how I’ll do, etc)…

… I choose to be calm and confident.

… I choose to remember how well I did when I (insert here any situation where you performed any task whatsoever successfully and felt good about it).

… I choose to feel like (insert here the name of your hero or heroine, or the star you would like to be like) as I (play the game, give the speech, etc.)

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  1. Hello Linda,

    That kind of tapping can certainly be helpful but it needs attention and thought and individual work with someone very experienced in tackling physical problems through tapping. There is no formula that can be applied because everyone is so different . It is the reason why I have been using a new method along with EFT, it is called “The Arc of Light” and can be quite amazing for very serious physical conditions – I will be introducing that method to my subscribers list soon because it can be so beneficial – but again, it must be individually applied. No formulas will do the trick.

    I hope you find the solution you want and do not agree with your doctors, however well-intentioned they may be, in saying that your condition is “untreatatable and incurable” – all that means is that THEY have no reliable means of treating it. It says nothing about the condition itself or why it is now in your life.

    I do wish you well in your endeavor to find another answer than conventional medicine is apparently able to supply for your condition right now.

    With all best wishes for a true solution for you,

    Pat Carrington

  2. Pat-I recently was diagnosed with an “untreatable, incurable” cancer of my biliary ducts-suggestions for tapping? Thank you!

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