The Power of Surprises in EFT

Power of Surprises $7 Special

The Power of a Pleasant Surprise Using EFT


Here is my surprise for you!

I have created a special tapping method so you can truly transform a difficult situation into a personal triumph, using the power of pleasant surprises.


I am presenting both an audio remake and an accompanying e-Book, a combination I believe is unbeatable. 

(The audio is a remake of teleseminar #3, “Open to Emotional Turnarounds.”) 

While listening to the audio, you will learn a new way to use EFT/Tapping to radically transform your reactions to extreme reality threats. 


The new e-Book presents a collection of powerful “Choices “ tap-alongs that you can use to radically change your perspective on any situation. This is a bold claim, but it can, in fact, do that.

What People Are Saying:

Margeaux Lawrence from Ohio wrote saying: “Your Pleasant Surprises idea is amazing! Talk about “turnarounds”, it is already turning my life around when I look at things from this perspective. I’m tapping into this great new habit daily. Thank you so much for your inventiveness.” 

Terrence Davidson in Hawaii writes. “I never thought of this possibility before but of course I’ve had some amazing positive surprises in my own life and somehow just chalked them up to good luck. Knowing about turnarounds is an incredible resource, and thanks for all the tap-alongs that help me adopt this new way of looking at things.

I received your product, the Power of Pleasant Surprise, yesterday and put it to work right away. I actually felt “compelled” to do so. A little voice inside me said, “Do the session”.  So I did, and waited.  At that point I didn’t know the day was going to be full of positive surprises! Soon after the session a neighbor approached us and asked if we would consider selling our condo to them, and a little while after that a real estate agent we had been uncertain about appeared at our door and behaved in a manner that was so clearly negative that it gave us the information we had needed to stop dealing with him entirely. This saved us a lot of time and grief!  I will reiterate that I felt “compelled” to use your program. Would our plans have progressed so rapidly without your protocol? I’ll never know…. but thank you for the valuable approach I learned! – Fiona Steel (address withheld on request)

Her email ended with the statement, “I will reiterate that I felt “compelled” to use your program. Would our plans have progressed so rapidly without your protocol? I’ll never know…. But I thank you for the valuable approach I learned.”  Then, several days later, she wrote back to tell us what finally did happen!  Thought you would like to know the final outcome. I tapped once more, this time using the e-Book rather than the audio included in the package, and let everything go. An offer came in, and we are taking this neighbors offer on the condo. Hooray for the Power of Pleasant Surprises!

I’m always interested when an experienced EFT practitioner responds well to a technique and you may be too. Below I’m posting a response we just received from someone whom I have heard of indirectly but do not know, Dr. Diane Butturff.

She writes: Pleasant surprises” is a great name for your creation!  That is what will happen.  EFT, power of intention, tapping and Choice, they are all there, used powerfully. —–   Well, I do not want to spoil the secret.  I can see the glint in your eye as you conceived and presented this.  Your creation is evidence that EFT does not have to be deep and serious to be effective.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and keep on keeping on.   Warmly, Diane Butturff, PhD, AAMET Advanced Practitioner EFT

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself with the delight of a pleasant suprise!


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