The Magic of Personal Choice – by Patricia Carrington



This 35 page e-book by Dr. Patricia Carrington, “The Magic of Personal Choice in EFT” presents the basics of the revolutionary EFT Choices Method in an easy to read format and teaches you all you need to know to get started immediately…



  1. trying to get the free inbook but it will not allow it

    • Hello Janet,

      AWeber may not accept an email address from which a person marked any email coming from AWeber as spam or sometimes for other reasons.

      If you have an alternate email address you can use or create, please try that. Many thanks!

      Lynn M. Johnson
      Digital Projects Manager
      Pace Educational Systems, Inc.

    • I am interested in the free e-book “The Magic of Personal Choice EFT.
      However, the Free Download site is inactive.
      Please email me a link whereby I can download it onto my computer.
      Thank you… I am 84 very excited about
      TAPPING… I am having great results on myself, also on a lady whom has just
      receive word she has cancer of liver, kidney, pancreas, etc with only 1-2 years
      to live. I need help on how to work with her…. already have her Tapping very
      with positive results.
      I have been out of counseling & HT for over 20 years … I need to become
      strong in tapping in short order. Thank you bill

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