Replay: The Love and Wisdom of Pets

The Secret Inner Life of PetsReplay is now available!


A host of questions and often surprising answers about animals and life itself were posed during this one-hour presentation.



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Patricia Carrington, Karen Anderson, and Lindsay Kenny 

Our Host was Lindsay Kenny, EFT founding Master and prominent educator in the Energy Psychology community.

Our Resident Guest was Pat Carrington (me) who will soon publish the Soft-Cover edition as well as the official Kindle edition of my new book The Secret Inner Life of Pets

Our Special Guest was Award Winning Animal Communicator, Karen Anderson, author of the popular book Hear All Creatures.


These Are Just Some of The Questions That were Asked During the Broadcast:

In what manner do animals send and receive messages?

What do animals talk about?

Is it easier to connect with certain species?

Are certain animals smarter than others?

Can anyone learn how to communicate with animals as Karen does?

Can Karen communicate with animals from other countries? 

How do animals feel about dying? About euthanasia?


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