The Gifts of Resource States

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The Resources that emerge from your own mind are more effective – they can actually change you profoundly – than anything from outside could possibly be.

Let me explain…


We are all shaped by hidden memories, good or bad. Even if we’ve consciously forgotten them, our memories of other people or animals – or of ourselves at a former time – will actually determine the way we act and feel in our life today. Human beings and all other mammals are great imitators – imitation is one of the main ways they learn from babyhood on.

And (great idea by the way!) we can replace those memories that are steering us in an unwanted direction simply by changing our “role models”, the people (including ourselves of a former time, or our pets) whom we have automatically imitated.

You can do this by choosing the people or animals (or memory of your own self of a former time if you want to select that) to “be like”.

You can actually change importantly today if you follow the instructions below.


1. Write down three things you would greatly like to experience– three ways you would like to truly feel inside. Establishing these experiences permanently in your life by continuing to practice these simple exercises every day for a few weeks at least, will be your special gift to yourself in this holiday season

Your first step is to think of how you truly want to be in certain respects – a way that you are not at present.

2. Next, write down the ways you want to be able to feel or act.  Put them in the three spaces provided below. You need not tell anyone else what they are – but of course you can. Make your descriptions short and easy to remember – and don’t limit yourself as far as great experiences go – “the sky’s the limit”.

(1) My first gift to myself is to be – or feel:



My role model for this experience is:


(2) My second gift to myself is to be – or feel:


My role model for this experience is:


(3) My third gift to myself gift to myself is to be – or feel:


My role model for this experience is:


2. To create your first Gift, write the name of a person or animal, or your own self of the past – whom you recognize as experiencing (at least at times) the wonderful feeling or ability to act in a certain chosen way that you would love to experience as your first holiday gift to yourself.

3. Tap using EFT, or just say out loud to yourself, approximately 8 times: “Even though my experience in this area (health, wealth, fun. delight, belonging, trust, love etc.) is lacking right now, I choose to be like ( insert name of your chosen role model).


Attributes of Your Role Model:

Your role model need not be admirable in other respects than just the one way you wish you were like them – you are choosing just one attribute to share with them. However, they should be a person or animal that you genuinely admire – don’t choose to emulate someone you dislike.

Your role model can be someone close to you, a casual acquaintance, someone you’ve seen on TV or in the movies or elsewhere, or a character in a novel if they were described vividly.  They can be an historical figure, or animals are also excellent choices.  All that matters is that you would like to be like them in some important respect.

Your role model can also be your own self at a former moment when you yourself experienced exactly what you want to have now. This may have happened only once in your life or occasionally for only a few seconds… it doesn’t matter.  Just recall the experience vividly and let yourself “relive it” as you tap or repeat to yourself 8 times the Choices Phrase:  “I choose to feel the way I did when___________(Insert your ideal memory).


To make this Resource State an active part of your present life

Whenever you have a spare moment -waiting for the light to change in traffic, standing in line at the Post Office, waiting for an elevator, or wherever else you can grab a couple of minutes for yourself – do a round of tapping or simply saying your Choices statement (usually in your mind if you are in public). 

Join us in the demonstration – watch the video below!


I wish you much success with this extraordinary change method. 

With many good wishes for the Holiday Season,

Patricia Carrington



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