BookofJoy-EBook-Product-image-LookInside-6The Heart of this Book

This book is about happiness, and how we can experience it in our everyday life without changing anything outwardly – although oddly many outward things may change as our vibration shifts.

As you play with the exercises in this book, you will engage in delight, deep fulfillment, and joy – all of these things at a level beyond what you ordinarily may have thought possible.

If this idea appeals to you, then here is all you need to do. 

To make this experience a true life-changer and not just “another self-help book” to be put on the shelf, you will be asked to…



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You are to treat each exercise as though you were truly convinced you needed it. You may think you have everything worked out in a particular corner of your life, but you are still to do every exercise as though you needed it.

Why is that?

Because you can always be happier, freer, more relaxed, more effective, more energetic, and more filled with joy in life then you are right now.

Just ask a child or an animal about this.  Their actions will show you the inexhaustible joy that your next moment can bring.  You will be going after this kind of joy as you proceed through this book.

And by the way, it doesn’t make any difference whether you’ve encountered any particular exercise before in some other version, perhaps in some of my earlier e-books or broadcasts – or if at some previous time you gave attention to this subject on your own or in someone else’s workshop. That won’t make any difference at all. You are to approach this as an entirely new task.

If you think to yourself, “Oh, I don’t need that exercise because I already feel good and it’s not currently a problem of mine” that kind of thinking will undermine your progress. Ignoring any one of these exercises is not going to serve you. Each time you come to a new exercise you will want to experience the farthest outposts of your being, to stretch yourself…

So, just pretend that you are not in “working order” in a given area even though you may be.

 And, remember, there is always room for more joy in life.



This is the only point where I will be going into the “how to” of what we will be doing here. After you know this information, you won’t have any difficulty because it will all be really very simple.


If you don’t already know the Energy Psychology method known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and/or the EFT Choices Method, read this page – otherwise you can skip it.

This book relies on using a simple but powerful “Energy Psychology” method known as EFT tapping. You can learn as much of that method right here as you need to in order to be 100% successful with this book, in about five minutes.

All you need do is learn EFT at the level at which you need to use it here. This advice is in spite of the fact that EFT has many powerful features and may be able to accomplish some remarkable things for you in your life, but you need not know all its ramifications in order to benefit from this book. You only need to learn as much as is necessary to use it here.

If by any chance you want to have an adventure in self-discovery however, one which will perhaps change your life and which EFT might bring about, you can learn all the most important aspects of this method free of charge and in an in-depth manner by going to my website, and signing up for the Energy Healing Updates newsletter to receive a download of my free one hour instructional video entitled First Steps In EFT, and I highly recommend that you do that.  It is one of the best short instructions in EFT that I know of and will get you off on the right foot. You can do many other things after that if you want to with EFT.


You can decide to do nothing with EFT other than learn the basic tapping points and use these for the purposes of this book. You can learn them very quickly with this Tapping Points Diagram.

Another option, of course, is to use only one single tapping point continuously throughout all the tapping sessions in this book. If you decide to do this, the best acupuncture point to use for this is the karate chop spot, a powerful acupuncture point on the soft side of the hand nearest the little finger. It is called the “karate chop spot” because it is the spot where karate masters strike logs with the side of their hand in order to break them in two while preserving their hands intact. (I do not recommend that you try this trick, of course, but it is an interesting historical fact).

If you are using the karate chop spot while tapping on the phrases in this book, then tap continuously as you say them.


The Choices Method

Here you will be using a particular version of EFT tapping called the Choices Method which I devised in 2000 in order to introduce a more positive element into EFT. Thousands of EFT practitioners around the world have been using it successfully since that time for removing obstacles, clearing traumas, reducing fears, and eliminating problem behaviors, as well as, and particularly for, the purpose of introducing the positive into our lives.

You can install wonderfully positive attitudes using the Choices Method, and you will not have to learn anything about it other than what I am going to tell you here.

However, you may also want to avail yourself of an excellent free e-book which I wrote specifically to introduce newcomers to this method. It is called The Magic of Personal Choice In EFT. You can receive a free download of this e-book when you subscribe to my Energy Healing Updates newsletter at, and if you want to make serious headway in developing positive aspects of your life, you will probably gravitate towards using this simple and highly effective method. I value it highly on both a personal and professional level and make use of it every day. 

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Chapter 1: How We Change

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Sandles on the sand - from the Book of Joy

We all long for beneficial change in our lives because longing for change is a universal experience. “If only I had…” is a self-statement familiar to every one of us. We cannot help thinking, at times, “if only I had…”

But, what happens to us when amazing and wonderful things do come into our lives?

Actually, we may not be able to accept them as easily as we think and sometimes not at all. And they come far more often than we realize.

Do we open our arms and cry, “How perfect! I have no more worries…I am satisfied…” when good comes to us?

How nice it would be if we did, but we probably don’t do that and this is the reason for this exercise.

The Facts:

Research suggests that being able to accept change, whether it be for the good or the bad, is not easy for most people, in fact it rarely happens to any of us.

When psychiatrists, Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe set out to study the effects of sudden change on people’s health, they didn’t expect what they found. They discovered, to their surprise, that whether the change was a negative one, such as a natural disaster, a major health crisis, a financial collapse, or another painful or even devastating event – or whether it was what would ordinarily be described as an exceptionally positive experience such as marrying the man or woman of your fondest dreams, moving into a beautiful new home, coming into a fortune, becoming successfully pregnant after you’ve been trying for years to do so, or having your book become a runaway bestseller, the results were the same.

Directly following a major life change, the people Holmes and Rahe studied showed symptoms of serious stress resulting in physical illnesses, emotional disturbances, depression, anxiety, and other undesirable states. It seems that any form of change, in and of itself, produces stress, whether this be change for the good or change for the bad.

In other words, nature seems to find no difference between “bad” and “good” as far as physical and emotional health is concerned, when it comes to change. When we face the unknown, the change we experience represents a challenge to the way things have been and this alone causes stress in us. Because it threatens the familiar, any major change creates at least some anxiety, sometimes a lot of it. This anxiety can cause us to resist the very experiences we have longed for in our lives.

Why should this be so?

It is probably because new territory is always unknown and unexplored, as yet.

For all living beings, coming up against the unknown and unexplored in any form signals “danger in the jungle.” It signals to us “watch out!” We have to be on guard because we don’t know what is coming next.

Actually, a new event or experience that is unfamiliar to us is unpredictable and only the predictable is felt as truly safe.

This is just another way of saying that a substantial change of any sort, particularly if it is unexpected and we are unprepared for it, can trigger deep survival anxiety in us.

This does not necessarily have anything to do with logic, yet the implications of it are far reaching. The need to defend yourself and be safe (to survive) is so strong that it can result in what is commonly miscalled “self sabotaging behavior.” It should be called “misguided self protection” because that is what it is.

What’s Next?

You are now going to tap away your instinctive fear of even beneficial change, and open your arms to all change.

You will be Borrowing Benefits as you use anxiety reducing tapping spots. In other words you will acting as though you were imitating another person who was receiving some EFT treatment and you will benefit from tapping using the same words in the same tapping spots that they are using. It works amazingly well to do this. In doing so you will be ridding yourself of subconscious fears of the beneficial experiences you want to attract into your life, and that way will become open to them. When you do this, watch what happens!. It will be good.

We will be using the EFT Choices Method now, and all you will need to do is follow these instructions:


First, I want you to search your memory for any experience, however brief it may be, and even if it occurred long ago, when something turned out in the long run to actually be a permanent good for you.

This may have been a time when you or someone close to you was accepted into a school or college of your choice, and later it turned out to actually be everything you had hoped. Or, it may be a date that turned out to be every bit as important for you as it seemed at first. Or, a job that looked to be wonderful and actually turned out to be that.

You are going to want to find a good experience that turned out to be a good experience when you now look back upon it. When you have located such a memory, give it a “title” of a few words and write that title down. This is what I call a “Personal Resource State” or “Power Memory.” It is something you can draw upon with great benefit any time you are using EFT tapping.

Choices Trio: Part 1 – Tapping Out the Negative

Now you will clear out the negative by using my EFT Choices method. It starts with this clearing. First, you will be tapping on the karate chop spot on the side of the hand (unless you decide to tap on that spot throughout the entire exercise, which is perfectly permissible because the karate chop spot is a powerful acupuncture point that has a strong anti-anxiety effect all by itself).

As you tap, you will repeat the following sentence three times:

Karate chop spot:  Even though this seems too good to be true and there may be some unpleasant surprises, I choose to remember (insert the title of your Power Memory).

Inner eyebrow:  This all seems too good to be true.

Outer eye:  Things like this never happen to me.

Under eye:  There must be a catch in this.

Under nose:   Who am I kidding to think this is as good as it looks?

Under mouth:  There must be a hidden catch.

Collarbone:  I’ll probably be disappointed.

Under arm:  I’d better not get my hopes up…

Top of head:  There’s something wrong with all this.

Inner eyebrow:  It can’t be as good as it seems.

Outer eye:  I’d better be careful, I don’t want to be disappointed…

Under eye:  I’ll believe it when I see all of it.

Under nose:  I’d better not let down my guard.

Under mouth:  I might be ambushed…

Collarbone:  ‘Watch out for unexpected gifts’ they say.

Under arm:  Watch out!

Take an easy breath in, and let it out slowly


Choices Trio: Part Two – Tapping-In the Positive

You will now do a round of positives EFT Choices:

Inner eyebrow:  I choose to notice that good things do sometimes happen.

Outer eye:  I choose to remember (insert your Power Memory here)

Under eye:  I choose to honor all the times that good things have happened to me, which turned out to be really good.

Under nose:  I choose to let myself feel wonderful about what’s happening right now (or which “I can imagine happening”).

Under mouth:  I choose to feel wonderful just because it is (or “could be”) happening …no matter what happens later.

Collarbone:  What seems to be happening is so good…

Under arm:  I feel cared for by the Universe.

Top of head:  I feel celebrated.

Inner eyebrow:  I love the way I feel.

Outer eye:  I honor the way I feel.

Under eye:  No matter how this turns out, this moment of happiness belongs to me…

Under nose:  I choose to remember how (insert your Power Memory here) turned out.

Under mouth:  I choose to celebrate this moment (or “this imagined moment”) no matter what happens in the future.

Collarbone:  I choose to feel absolutely great no matter what …

Under arm:  I choose to be happy…

Top of head:  I choose to feel safe being happy about this, whatever the future may bring.

Inner eyebrow:  Hooray!

Outer eye:  Thank you, Universe (God, Spirit, Source, or whatever other word is natural for you here).

Take an easy breath in, and let it out slowly


Choices Trio: Part 3 – Alternating Negative with Positive 

Now you will alternate negative statements with positive statements in order to retrain your mind to move from negative possibilities to positive possibilities.

Inner eyebrow:  I don’t want to be disappointed.

Outer eye:  I choose to love what’s happening to me now (or what I imagine in the future) no matter what happens later.

Under eye:  I don’t want to be disappointed.

Under nose:  I choose to love what’s happening to me now, never mind the future.

Under mouth:  I don’t want to be ambushed!

Collarbone: I choose to love what’s happening to me now no matter what happens in the future.

Under arm:  I wonder-  where’s the hidden catch to all this?

Top of head:  I choose to be happy…I choose to be happy…

Take an easy breath in, and let it out slowly

Now check on how you feel when you when you try to imagine this good outcome as though it were already here fully -to see it as real, to feel it as real, and to feel that you do not have to deserve it.

You may of course have some issues about deserving really wonderful things, so let’s just tap on those for good measure.

Start once more with the karate chop spot and say the following sentence three times.



Karate chop spot:   Even though I feel I don’t deserve to have anything this nice happen to me, I choose to know that I’m not the one to judge whether I deserve it… I am only the one to receive it …

Repeat this sentence three times and then move to the inner eyebrow spot.

Choices Trio – Part 1 – Tapping Out the Negative

Inner eyebrow:  I don’t know why I should deserve anything this good.

Outer eye:  I’ve never had it this good before…

Under eye:  I really didn’t expect it to come about, although I wanted it

Under nose:  Maybe it will be taken away from me because I don’t deserve it!

Under mouth:  Maybe all those things that I don’t like about myself will catch up with me now and this good thing will be taken away.

Collarbone:  Maybe I’ll be punished by losing it…

Under arm:  I know so many things that are wrong with me…

Top of head:  Other people don’t know about them but I do.

Inner eyebrow:  They are my secret shortcomings.

Outer eye:  Maybe there is a secret mean thing that I did.

Under eye:  Maybe I have a secret anger at people I shouldn’t be angry at.

Under nose:  Maybe I have secret feelings of wanting revenge.

Under mouth: Maybe I want what someone else has.

Collarbone:  Maybe I want to grab the good for myself.

Top of head:   All these things I know about…Maybe these things disqualify me for the good thing that’s happening (or I imagine happening) to me now…

Inner eyebrow:   These things make me much less perfect than the way I would love to be…

Outer eye: All these faults make it wrong for me to be receiving this now…

Under eye: Maybe I should just refuse to accept it and walk away…..

Take an easy breath in and let it out slowly


Choices Trio – Part 2 – Tapping-in the Positive

Now you will do a round of positive EFT Choices starting with the inner eyebrow.

Inner eyebrow:  I choose to see that I am not the judge here.

Outer eye:   I choose to see that I don’t need to qualify for the good things that are happening any more than a flower needs to qualify for the sun that shines on it.

Under eye:  When the sun comes, it comes without any demands …

Under nose;  I choose to know that it’s really nice if I want to improve my behavior and my actions with other people and the way I look at things…

Under mouth:  But that this is an entirely separate issue.

Collarbone:  I choose to know that what I do in the future has nothing whatsoever to do with this good thing that is happening now.

Under arm:  I neither deserve this thing nor not deserve it. It is simply being given to me like the sun above me on a warm summer’s day and a cool breeze blowing on my face…

Top of head:   No one asks me whether I deserve a beautiful day, it is just there

Inner eyebrow:   I choose to accept the good that comes to me no matter what I have done in the past that pleases me or that displeases me.

Outer eye:  I choose to change some of my ways if I want to, but that’s a separate issue…

Under eye:  I choose to see the difference between the natural beauty of nature that comes unbidden and the very separate ways that people try to be good and reward each other.

Under nose:  I choose to embrace the natural goodness of life without having to qualify for it.

Under mouth:  I choose to rejoice in this wonderful experience.

Collarbone:  I choose to celebrate it right now because that is the way that life is and that is the way that I grow.

Top of head:  I am grateful for what has come to me.

Inner eyebrow:   I do not ask more than the fact that I am happy about it right at this moment.

Under eye:  I choose to be happy…

Take an easy breath in, and let it out slowly


Choices Trio – Part 3 – Alternating Negative with Positive

Now you will do a round of alternating the negative with the positive in order to train negative thoughts to turn into positive thoughts. You will start with the inner eyebrow.

Inner eyebrow:  I’m really not good enough to have this happen, other people deserve it more than me

Outer eye:  There is no deserving of good things like the sun and the air on a beautiful summer’s day.

Under eye:  I don’t deserve this…

Under nose:  I choose to remember that there is no deserving of simple goodness…

Under mouth:   I’m not good enough for this.

Collarbone:  I choose to remember that there is no being good enough for the very best things in life – they come to us free. 

Under arm:  It is hard to believe this…

Top of head: I choose to remember that I need only open to these good things the way a little child would greet them … I am grateful for this gift…

Take an easy breath in, and let it out slowly

Now, look around you and think about how you feel right now about something good that is happening to you (or that you can imagine happening to you in the future).  Surround yourself with the goodness of that experience, every tiny speck of it, and let it be like the joy of a child who doesn’t question anything but just knows what is wonderful is wonderful, right now.

I suggest you do both of these exercise whenever anything new is happening that is good in your life – or when you anticipate something good happening. Use them whenever anything that you hope for actually comes about. Allow these exercises to change your perspective completely in the positive direction at such times.

If you do this exercise every day,, more and more wonderful events may occur in your life. In fact, they can almost not avoid occurring.

Have a wonderful time with this…


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As you listen to my audio, “Acceptance of Beneficial Change,” you will tap along with me while you “Borrow Benefits” from participants and “tap away” instinctive distrust of beneficial change. In this way, you will learn how to open your heart to the wonderful things that you have longed for…

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    • Terence, I am delighted you had this excellent response to my new book.! I have worked hard to make it truly effective and there is nothing like getting confirmation that the effects of something you intend to make helpful. have turned out to be so This is great for me to hear. Thanks you so much for your comments and yes, we eventually may make it available by kindle as well as re-issue it in an audio format and a video format for the entire book – -plans are in progress to create these editions and when we do everyone subscribing to my newsletter will hear when they are released,

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