Tapping for Stressful Future Events

eft/meridian tapping for stressful eventsMuch of the time, unfortunately, worries about the future are hampering our present. Just thinking about an anxiety-producing situation that we anticipate, our hands get clammy, our breathing becomes labored, our mood becomes dark solely in anticipation of what we perceive will be a stressful circumstance. In these cases, EFT “Anticipatory Tapping” can be extremely useful. When we use Anticipatory Tapping, we’re not trying to change the future, per se, but rather our present emotional state regarding the future. Interestingly, though, if we can change that, we often can influence the future as well, because we will enter the anticipated situation in a calmer and more focused state of mind. Fear can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, as can calmness and a sense of confidence.

One reason EFT tapping works so well to counter “future fears” is that these fears are often irrational. We know they don’t make sense but we feel them anyway. Because they’re illogical to begin with, they don’t respond well to reason. A more direct approach such as that offered by meridian tapping is thus more effective.

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To do anticipatory tapping, simply acknowledge the future-worry that’s bothering you, incorporate it into a tapping statement, and tap for it. This might require slight wording changes in the standard tapping phrasing. Just use common sense when doing this. Instead of using phrases such as “Even though I have this fear of mice,” or “Even though I have this pain in my neck,” you might say something like, “Even though I’m nervous about that interview next Tuesday,” or “Even though I’m afraid of what the doctor’s going to say.”

In these cases, the reminder phrase you would repeat at each tapping point would be, “I’m nervous about that interview next Tuesday,” or “I’m afraid of what the doctor’s going to say.”

Can tapping be used to change the future itself? I can only say that I have received many promising testimonials from people who have used tapping as a positive tool to attract better finances, improved relationships, career changes, and other beneficial results that have altered their futures profoundly. These folks are convinced that tapping was the key that brought about the change they were looking for. If you’re open to the idea, why not try it? You might be the next person to report a remarkable and inexplicable result!


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The fact is that worrying about something we fear will happen is actually self defeating because it rapidly shuts down the higher centers of the brain necessary for the most efficient problem-solving. What is more, worry all too often masquerades as a helpful activity, one that is necessary to “save us,” even though actually it seriously hampers us.

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