Soften and Flow: A Way to Relieve Stress

I like to pass on to you, with my comments and perhaps some additions or renditions, the very best innovations in EFT tapping that I come across and give you the cream of the crop, so to speak.

I really like the simple and beautiful tapping strategy devised by EFT Practitioner Nicola Quinn in the following article, together with an audio rendition of it that I made to guide you as you tap with this peace-giving sequence.  You can listen to my audio rendition of it at the end of this article.


Soften and Flow

A Way to Relieve Stress with “EFT Freedom Spells”

by Nicola Quinn, EFT Practitioner from the UK

This little protocol is for you to use when stressed.

You see, when you are stressed it is not useful trying to create an EFT opening statement to tap on, all you will get will be a jumble of illogical thoughts, feelings, and stressed ideas about what you need to be tapping on.

You cannot create a really effective opening statement while you are stressed. Stressed, confused thinking will only produce a stressed, confused statement that will only further deepen your stress and confusion as you struggle to wonder why nothing is happening.

Instead, reduce your stress right down to zero by using the following protocol, then go back and think about what the real problem is and you will find the right opening statements popping into your mind in no time which will give you supremely super-fast results.

What Are “Freedom Spells”?

The Freedom Spells protocol was created by EFT practitioner and leading innovator, Silvia Hartmann, to correct faulty thinking and get the energy system moving when it has got itself stuck.  It uses the EmoTrance (Silvia’s training method) aphorism: “soften and flow”.

The statements are created with a rhythm and a rhyme, just like spells, and act like pulses from the conscious mind which the unconscious responds to very willingly.

Here, I have combined them with EFT to create an amazing protocol that reduces stress in no time and gives you the clarity and confidence to create effective opening statements for a traditional EFT session.

The EFT Freedom Spells Protocol

Take slow, deep breaths throughout this procedure and take your time with each phrase.

Tap on the Eyebrow Point while taking a deep breath in and out and say:
All of my regret, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Next point, Side of the Eye:
All of my guilt, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Under Eye Point:
All of my fear, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Under Nose Point:
All of my doubt, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Chin Point:
All of my frustration, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Collarbone Point:
All of my anger, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Underarm Point:
All of my sadness, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Karate Chop Point:
All of my hate, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

And that is all there is to it.

When To Use The EFT Freedom Spells Protocol

Upon Awakening

This is not only an effective little protocol to use when you are stressed and preparing to tap, it is also lovely to do first thing in the morning while still waking, sitting on the side of your bed.

Before Meditation

I also like to use it if I am in a hurry or rushing to start my meditation.  I do it to clear myself before I sit quietly. It’s a lovely bridge between a hectic day and the peace of meditation.

At Bedtime

The protocol is also good to do before bed. We think we relax during sleep but this only happens if we are relaxed when we fall off to sleep. This really does help to relieve stress and enable deep clear restful sleep.

When Negative Thoughts or Emotions Occur

You may also find yourself in the day saying the phrases to yourself as negative thoughts and emotions arrive.  This is an excellent time to do them rather than waiting for later.

This is one of the major benefits of all self help energy therapies to be able to use them on the spot, instantly releasing the situation to prevent further problems down the road.

Someone gets promoted above you at work:

All of my resentment, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

A steep bill freaks you out:

All of my worries, I now let you go, soften and flow, soften and flow.

Accompanied by a deep breath and a surreptitious tap or massage of the collarbone point will do wonders to release the stress of the situation and let you carry on with your day.

The Way to Breathe When Doing the Technique

When you are stressed you shallow breathe, always.  If you were breathing correctly, from your abdomen, you would not be stressed.

The symptoms of anxiety and panic are exactly the same as hyperventilation, caused by over-breathing quickly from the chest, which unbalances the oxygen content of the blood and creates very unpleasant feelings throughout the body and which, for many, triggers panic attacks.

A deep breath from the abdomen, so you can really feel your hand being pushed away from your body, promotes deep relaxation, very quickly.

So, throughout the protocol, it’s important to take deep breaths, from the abdomen, and not to rush.

Creating a Custom-Made EFT Freedom Spells Protocol

You may create your own phrases for each point, though I recommend starting with these first as I have found they work universally and are at the root of a lot of stress.

Again, if you are going to create a custom list please do not do this when stressed! This is the whole point of the exercise, to have something to tap on to relieve the stress that is causing wrong thinking. So please resist changing the statements when you are already stressed and create a custom ritual for yourself AFTER using mine first.

The best way of doing it is to tap lightly on each point and see if a thought or negative emotion comes to mind and jot these down.

I do hope you gain as much benefit from the EFT Freedom Spells as I, and many of my clients, have already received. Do not be fooled by the protocol’s simplicity or brevity. This is a powerful method to reduce stress and promote clarity and creates a perfect foundation for effective change work.

Nicola Quinn can be reached at  I encourage you to contact her if you have any questions or comments.


Let Pat Carrington lead you in the soothing “Soften and Flow” technique (Be sure your speakers are turned on and use them to control the volume of the audio)


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