Should I attempt EFT to solve my problem on my own, or seek an EFT professional?

Question: At what point should one consider working with a professional trained in EFT, rather than attempting to solve a problem on one's own.  I'm beginning to thing that working with a professional might be less frustrating than trying to deal with all the aspects on my own and might enable me to progress more quickly.

Answer: If a series of aspects seems so overwhelming to you that you don't know how to proceed (as is happening with you), this may well be a signal that you need someone else's perspective –– outside help from a very experienced person.


We all have things that we feel sufficiently uncomfortable about so they simply do not come to our minds when we're working alone.  No matter how conscientious we are about applying the method, we bury them from our own sight.  However, a professional working with us can help us to gently and safely confront some of the areas in our lives which we may presently be avoiding (without having any awareness of doing so). 


If you are looking for a therapist trained in EFT to work with you on this issue, you may want to opt to do EFT by telephone, although of course this depends upon where you live.  Telephone EFT sessions are probably more often conducted now than in-person sessions because of the far-flung locations of many EFT practitioners.  You can download our free e-book on Guidelines for Finding an EFT Practitioner and browse our list of EFT Practitioners.


Dr. Patricia Carrington, EFT Master


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