Replay: Discover High Chi – Interview with Carol Look

Harness Your Life Force Energy with Carol Look

Hear the replay of Dr. Carrington’s Interview with Carol Look



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  1. I am listening to the replay. I previously listened to the other recording with the three…Carol, Rick and the other person…sorry, I don’t recall her name. That recording was a turn off for me. This interview with Dr. Carrington spun me around and moved me to great progress. Thank you for bringing it to Dr. Carrington. I think I have most of Dr Carol Look’s products and have grown in so many ways. Thank you so much!

  2. This is a one-two knockout punch by an All-Star Team!
    Can’t miss!!
    It’s a heavy-hitter with Pat Carrington and Carol Look.
    Hear ye; here ye — hear this.

    Knock out the negative energy.
    May the Chi be with us. =)

  3. i’m so glad that this is being posted for download. I attempted to listen yesterday however, the static was too great for me. Thank you, Pat!

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