Rejuvenate Your Brain with EFT Tapping

Gentle Tapping Exercises for a Healthy

 and Contented Brain 

by Dr. Patricia Carrington

In these exercises we’re going to use EFT Tapping for maximum brain support and brain health. This is something that is going to benefit everyone, whether you have ever had any identifiable damage to your brain or not. Everyone has bumped their head at least once, it is part of life, and this hard-working organ deserves our devoted caring and support.


You will be using the EFT Choices Method, starting by tapping on the karate chop spot:

Karate Chop Spot: Even though my brain has a lot of tasks to do today . . .

. . . I choose to have it bathed in gentle warmth.

Karate Chop: Even though my brain has many tasks to do today. . .

. . . I choose to have it bathed in gentle warmth.

Karate Chop: Even though my brain has a great deal to do today . . .

. . . I choose to allow a healthy blood flow to nourish it.

Inner Eyebrow: My brain has worked very hard today.

Outer Eye: My brain has performed thousands of tasks today.

Under Eye: My brain has figured out thousands of things today.

Under Nose: Thank you, brain, for keeping track of all those things.

Under Mouth: Thank you, brain, for storing hundreds of thousands of bits of information just for me.

Collarbone: Brain, I think you are amazing.

Under Arm: Brain, I think you are incredible.

Top of Head: If I had to buy a computer like you, it would cost me millions of dollars . . .

. . . and I couldn’t even find one.

Inner Eyebrow: You’ve done an amazing job on a number of different levels today.

Outer Eye: You’ve done a huge filing job today.

Under Eye: You’ve put so many programs into operation in my life today.

Under Nose: Thank you for keeping track of all that is going on.

Under Mouth: Thank you for your thousands of reminders.

Collarbone: Thank you for the transmission of information to all parts of my body.

Under Arm: Thank you for sending all those orders to far-flung parts of myself.

Top of Head: Thank you for staying alert for as long as you have.

Inner Eyebrow: I think you need rest now.

Outer Eye: I think you need some good, healthy oxygen flowing like a gentle warm breeze.

Under Eye: I send you oxygen.

Under Nose: I give you refreshment like a gentle stream that washes away the debris.

Under Mouth: I give you a soft, steady energy.

Collarbone: I balance your functions.

Under Arm: I bring you balance between both sides of your brain and its different subsections.

Top of Head: I thank you for your diligence and I give you whatever nourishment you need.

Inner Eyebrow: I let nourishment flow through all your structures.

Outer Eye: I see the sparkles of rejuvenation flowing through you.

Under Eye: I see gentle, sparkling energy.

Under Nose: I feel the balance being restored now between all parts of you.

Under Mouth: I see your two hemispheres vibrating in tune with each other.

Collarbone: I see the higher centers and the lower centers vibrating together in tune.

Under Arm: I see the cooperation between those many different departments.

Top of Head: I see your intercommunication system like tiny invisible wires leading in myriad directions.

Outer Eye: I can see little sparkling signals moving.

Under Eye: I can hear the hum of the signals within you like sweet music.

Under Nose: I can feel the air and space within you.

Under Mouth: I can see the incredible orchestration of all parts of you.

Collarbone: I choose to support you.

Under Arm: I choose to feed you information in a way that is best for you.

Top of Head: Let me know how I can best serve you.

Inner Eyebrow: Let me know how I can best help you.

Outer Eye: I choose to send you warm, healing energy.

Under Eye: I choose to send you gentleness and love as needed.

Under Nose: Let me know how to refurbish and rejuvenate your delicate and beautiful structures.

Under Mouth: Let me know what foods you may want or need.

Collarbone: Let me know what supplements you may want to supply even more nourishment.

Under Arm: Let me know what exercises you want me to do to supply the oxygen that supports you.

Top of Head: Let me know what you need.

Top of Head: Thank you for your amazing job.


Now take a deep, easy breath. As you breathe out, feel that your breath is traveling throughout your whole brain and body and bringing it nourishment, cleaning out the debris and replenishing all structures.

We’re going to do some more EFT to target specific types of healing that you might need. Actually, the brain knows a lot more about how to heal itself than we know, but we can make some useful EFT choices. These are my suggestions. We don’t have to do the Karate Chop Spot now. We can start with the Inner Eyebrow.



Inner Eyebrow: I choose to have a healthy blood flow nourish each area of my brain.

Outer Eye: I choose to allow nerve regeneration wherever it is asked for by my brain.

Under Eye: I choose to know that even if there has been a loss of neurons in certain areas of my brain, they can be regenerated.

Under Nose: I choose to have new neuronal connections created within my brain wherever needed.

Under Mouth: I choose to have communication between the different parts of my brain increase with beautiful harmony.

Collarbone: I choose to have the areas of my brain that may have been isolated to some degree find and make wonderful new connections.

Under Arm: I choose to have communication enhanced between the two hemispheres of my brain so that they supplement each other and work together.

Top of Head: I choose to have any traumas held within my brain causing functions to become frozen . . .

. . . to thaw gently and fully so that the full energy flow is restored.

Inner Eyebrow: I choose to have the freeze from those traumas give way to new life.

Outer Eye: I choose to see and feel the rejuvenation and recovery from any stress and losses.

Under Eye: I choose to feel the happiness of my brain as it is allowed to do its job unfettered.

Under Nose: I choose to give my brain every help possible so it can conduct its wonderful work without obstructions.


Now allow yourself to imagine warmth and healing like a golden river flowing through those areas of your brain that need nourishment. See the little sparkles of healing energy within those areas. Now take a deep, easy breath.

This is a wonderful exercise to do either in the morning shortly after you arise, or in the evening before retiring – or both.  It is rejuvenating, and can be immensely calming.

I strongly suggest that you make use of this exercise at least once every day. It is as important as any physical exercise you might choose to do.


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