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Self-Worth-QuizDo you have any idea how huge a personal toll a low sense of Self Worth takes?


To shed light on your sense of Self Worth, indicate how often each situation described below applies to you:



I feel a lingering sense that something is “wrong” with me but I’m not quite sure what it is.

Daily  / Often / Occasionally / Never

I feel gloomy and life can lose its spark.

Daily / Often / Occasionally / Never

I worry that people will see my shortcomings.

Daily  / Often / Occasionally / Never

Criticism upsets me a lot.

Daily  / Often / Occasionally / Never

I hesitate to take chances doing something new because I might fail.

Daily  / Often / Occasionally / Never

I don’t accept complements easily.

Daily  / Often / Occasionally / Never

I’m very hard on myself.

Daily  / Often / Occasionally / Never

We could ask you a great many more questions but each of those above indicates some degree of a poor sense of self worth and the more often you experience these dips, the lower your sense of self worth.If you have been aware of this problem, you have probably worked to rid yourself of it and hopefully have made some important strides in this direction.

However, what many people think self-worth is, is almost certainly not so.

To clarify, let me list for you three things that Self Worth is NOT:

  • It is not an ability to stand up for yourself, although it can result in much more effective self-defense.
  • It is not a tendency to think well of yourself – although that follows when you have a strong sense of self-worth.
  • It is not a realistic appraisal of your personal attributes – although this may be one of the benefits of increased self-worth.

It is none of these obviously desirable things – by themselves.

So, What is Self-Worth?

Actually, it is a feeling – a deep conviction. Some would say it is a sense of your own Divine nature, of the incredibly valuable being you actually are.

Here are some of the things it does for you when you have it:

  • Makes you delight in just “you.”
  • Lets you bathe in a sense of ever renewed self-love.
  • Brings you a feeling of self appreciation that is undeniable.

Recently, I was impressed by what two of my subscribers, who acquired my combo on Self-Esteem, wrote to me.

I never dreamed that my own evaluation of myself would respond to such seemingly insignificant bits of evidence, but since I’ve been using the exercises in your Self-Worth package I’ve found myself with so much more appreciation of myself that it is like meeting a new person! I only wish that loads of other people could benefit from meeting up with who they are in this manner.” Thank you so much Pat!
Lila Rodway, Phoenix, Arizona

Gratitude comes from London in this note:

Dear Pat, this is probably the easiest and most effective set of tapping exercises I have come across in a long time. It is so comforting to discover that I do so many things right all day!
Mary Packette, London, UK



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