PTSD & Trauma: Treating Post Traumatic Stress

This documentary film, from Carol Look, represents a landmark in the field of mental health and in addition to its importance for the acceptance of EFT by health care professionals, it has a great deal to offer nonprofessionals as a self-help tool.

Its Use for the Ordinary EFT User


Will it be useful to you as a nonprofessional EFT user?

The answer is ‘yes’ if you borrow benefits by tapping-along with the various sequences depicted in the series – something which I highly recommend in order to keep your own stress level balanced as you view the film.

Don’t worry, you do not need to be a Vietnam veteran or have suffered a major trauma to benefit from these DVDs. As one example, anyone who subconsciously clings irrationally to their symptoms or to their disability whatever this may be could benefit from watching the manner in which the EFT experts depicted in the film help Vietnam veteran Art Fritog overcome his own fear of change for the better. The manner in which they delve into his unconscious resistance to change is the most powerful presentation of this pattern that I have ever seen. If you were to tap along with Art as he struggles with his own irrational fear of change, this is likely to have a strong beneficial effect on you.

During the video footage, you will watch and listen to EFT at work with Vietnam veteran Art Fritog and his wife Carole over a five-day intensive pilot project. During the process, Carol Look provides step-by-step guidance and insight throughout the process. The program includes EFT sessions and intake interviews conducted by Gary Craig, Lindsay Kenney, Sophia Cayer, and Ingrid Dinter, along with Carol Look.

Sample Video Clips

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Similarly, if you tend to have deep and abiding guilt and a sense of over-responsibility for others’ misfortunes – whether these others are family members or others – you are likely to benefit greatly from Art’s struggle to overcome his deeply hampering over-responsibility for others in the Vietnam war.

Quite aside from its great value for the mental health professional dealing with traumatized patients, the film therefore has use for all of us.


This series of DVDs constitutes a full treatment, not a “quick fix.” It consists of more than 24 separate sessions carefully condensed. That is a lot of therapy in one place and it cannot be absorbed in a single viewing session. Working your way through the therapeutic experiences offered here, one by one, requires persistence and you should view it as a full course of self therapy if that is the way you want to use it. Do not rush through this series anymore then you would rush to view an entire TV series at one time. This is a continued story over time.

Its Use for Professionals

This series is unequaled in its thoroughness and effectiveness when it comes to training therapists and counselors who deal with trauma. It contains many otherwise hard-to-come-by teachings for clinicians seeking to improve their ability to assist clients to return to normalcy following any kind of shock.

My suggestion for those in the helping professions is that this DVD series be seen as a full clinical course in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. An ideal way to use it is in small group settings with the “class” playing no more than one DVD each time (about 1-1/2 hours viewing time) and then discussing the implications of it . The lessons it contains are tremendous and EFT Master Carol Look ably leads us to recognize the many clinical implications of them.

Meeting once a week for 12 weeks to digest this material is a superb way to use it in a group. If you want to view this series by yourself, however, or do so with a single colleague, it is still an excellent idea to move through the series slowly. There is an immense amount of information on these recordings and the series deserves to be treated like any other form of in-depth education.

In summary, this instructional DVD album is a major contribution to the field of trauma relief, and considering its extensive coverage of the subject, is very reasonably priced. If several people are using the series together they could reduce the cost even further by dividing it amongst group members.

I recommend this film series to everyone seriously interested in EFT or the treatment of trauma.

Patricia Carrington

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