Pets Help Police Officer in Solving Crime

police car lightsWould you ever imagine that a Police Officer could use the help of suspects’ pets to assist her in solving crimes? 


It sounds like a great premise for a movie, right? And maybe one day it will be – but this actually happened! 

This is a true story       

17 years ago, Karen Anderson, the gifted animal communicator I write about in my new book “The Secret Inner Life of Pets,” graduated from the Police Academy after receiving that Academy’s top award in “Arrest Control.” She then went on to become an exceptionally successful investigator of domestic crimes. 

The officers working with Karen recognized she had an uncanny ability to know details about the suspects they were investigating that nobody else knew about. Karen never told them that she had had a natural gift since early childhood of being able to communicate with animals.

The gift was that she could pick up animals’ thoughts telepathically and was able to answer back to them in a manner they could understand, so that they could engage in a conversation together.

As a deputy police officer, when she came upon the scene of an alleged crime, if she  found a pet there, she was able to ask the pet telepathically who struck whom and they would cheerfully tell her exactly what happened as they had witnessed it, which usually turned out to be the truth once the police investigation had proceeded further.

What puzzled me when I first heard about this was not that she had talked with animals – I discuss this fact at length in my book – but that these pets told what turned out to be the truth upon further investigation even though by doing so they seemed to be betraying their human parents! 

Ar first I saw this as contradicting their obvious love for their owners and I questioned their motives.  Why, I wondered, were the animals willing to be such unbiased and open witnesses when their testimony was incriminating – although, admittedly, that testimony could never be used in court against their owners! 

It was only when I had learned more about animal/human conversations that I realized that the most probable answer to my question about the pets’ motivations for divulging this information was that animals are, as far as we can determine, totally non-judgmental in the way they approach life.  If this is so, it would never occur to them that their owner might get into trouble if they told the truth to the police. Therefore, being innately open and honest beings, the pets readily reported whatever they knew!

In my book I actually discovered many things about animals I had not realized myself although I have owned many pets in my lifetime. 

One of those things being that “right” or “wrong” is a meaningless concept to our pets, although being “dangerous” or “not dangerous” is a very meaningful concept for them. 

Their non-judgmental attitude may explain a pet’s ability to readily forgive many unpleasant acts directed against them. They will try to avoid being hurt by such acts but they have no judgment about them, and thus there is obviously no need for forgiveness, because without judgment there is nothing to forgive! 

And this is only one of the incredible lessons our pets can share with us if we are open to receiving them. 

My new book “The Secret Inner Life of Pets” explores Karen Anderson’s true story of her experience as a Police Officer turned Animal Communicator, and studies the perceptions of how our pets view life. This book holds some amazing new insights into the inner life of our beloved pets.

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