Interview with Gene Monterastelli and Steve Wells

This article has to do with an extremely important topic, the hidden fear of change, that all of us have to some degree.  

In this 2-part presentation, is a podcast in which EFT expert Gene Monterastelli (I have included articles and recordings from Gene in various editions of our Energy Healing Updates newsletter – he is one of our exciting thinkers in the field of EFT Tapping) interviews EFT Master and leading Trainer, Steve Wells of Australia.

Some years ago I worked intensively to help finalize a pioneering research study on EFT based on Steve’s doctoral dissertation. It was absolutely excellent and the final article based on it, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, was a major breakthrough in the field of EFT research. It is a delight for me to share this interview with you today.

It also includes a link to my special tapping exercise that targets our hidden fear of change.

Below, is Gene Monterastelli's introduction the topic that he and Steve will be discussing.  It addresses an all inclusive subject – the importance of taking 100% YES action and the hidden reasons why we may not readily do so.

Gene writes:

"When I am working with clients this issue comes up all the time.

They believe they are 100% behind taking action, but when we start to do some emotional investigation it turns out that is not the case.

Instead there is a part of them that really wants to take the action AND there is a part that is full of fear and resistance.

That fearful part might be worried that things will go wrong, that they will be judged for trying something new, or that people won’t like them if they do things like that. The list of possible fears goes on and on!

But the problem isn't that their fear is very strong. Instead, the problem is that the fear is hidden in the background, only rearing its head up every now and then. It turns into one step forward followed by one step back.

If the fear were strong it would be easy to tap for, but by being hidden it complicates matters.

In this interview, Steve Wells and I discuss how we can find those hidden pieces of resistance and how to tap for them so that we can get to 100% YES"


About Gene:

Gene Monterastelli - Tapping Q & AGene Monterastelli is a Brooklyn, NY based practitioner who specializes in helping his clients stop their self sabotaging behaviors. A frequent contributor to our newsletter, he is the host of the TappingQ&A Podcast and the editor of TappingQ&A



About Steve:

Steve Wells - EFT Down UnderSteve Wells is an international leadership coach and peak performance consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. Steve was one of the first to apply tapping to performance enhancement work with elite athletes and to take tapping to the corporate environment. He regularly teaches and consults worldwide with elite sport and business achievers to improve their performance and enhance the performance of their teams.

Steve’s programs and presentations are always inspiring, engaging and filled with powerful practical strategies you can use immediately to get better results – with less stress. More information on Steve and his programs can be found at


Listen to and download the provocative discussion between Steve and Gene, Getting To 100% Yes When Taking Action w/Steve Wells below.

Getting to 100% Yes When Taking Action w/Steve Wells

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I would love to hear your stories about uncovering hidden resistance.  Let me know how this topic impacts you by writing to

Be sure to see my tapping exercise to tap away your hidden fears of change…



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