How to Test Your EFT Progress

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

From time to time, Gary Craig and contributors to his newsletter had written about the value of having a practitioner test the results of EFT to make certain that a client is fully benefiting from the process.  It is important to know that one has fully cleared away all (or as many as possible) of the blocks involved in a particular issue.  This makes genuine change possible.

Today I’m going to suggest a way that you can test your OWN progress when doing EFT by yourself.  It won’t involve anyone else; you can do it alone.

To test your own progress you will need a tape recorder.  If you don’t have one it can be bought very inexpensively and can be well worth the investment.

You will start by creating a vivid scene in your mind that typifies a current problem of yours.  Let’s say you are having difficulty asking for a raise at work, or for a change in working conditions.  The first thing to do in such a case is to create in your mind an imaginary scene in which you speak to your boss (supervisor etc.) about this and make a request for change.

As you THINK about this meeting, give yourself an initial Intensity Rating on a ten point scale (with 10 being as anxious as you can imagine being about the coming meeting and 0 being completely at ease with the thought of it).

Now you are ready to begin.  Here are the steps:

1.    Using the tape recorder to record your words, pretend that you are speaking to your superior at work, and act as if the meeting were taking place RIGHT NOW.

2.    When you have said all you want to say on your own behalf, rewind the tape and listen to your presentation.  As you do so, pretend that YOU ARE your boss (supervisor etc.).  Acting as this other person, notice how “you” react to what the real you says, to the tone of your voice etc.  Jot down notes on your reactions that go something like:  “(Your Name) seems uncertain to me, I don’t have to grant this request.”, or “(Your name) sounds guilty”, or “(Your name) seems too confrontational, their tone annoys me.” Or whatever your reaction is when you PRETEND TO BE THE BOSS.

3.    Create an EFT statement to deal with your anxieties about the meeting, such as, “Even though I’m anxious about asking (person’s name) for this, I choose to be calm and confident,” or another statement of your own choosing.

4.    Do as many rounds of EFT as are necessary to bring your Intensity Rating way down.

5.    Using your tape recorder again, starting at the point where you left off recording (Do not erase your original recording, just add to it) now reenact the meeting scene, making your request to this person afresh.

6.    Rewind the tape recorder and listen to this second portion of the recording – the new portion –– noting any changes in the way you present your case from the way you did originally.  Changes will be very apparent if your Intensity Rating was tapped down sufficiently!

7.    Pretend that you ARE the boss (supervisor etc.), and notice how he/she feels NOW as they listen to your presentation.  You should observe a distinct change in that person’s reaction to you if your own Intensity Rating had come down sufficiently before you started talking.

8.    Ask yourself if there is still some doubt in “your” mind (as you pretend to be the other person in your imagination)?  Notice how valid the listener now feels the request is.  Do you come across to the listener as sincere, authoritative and reasonable?  You must be extremely convincing in your presentation. If you are not, do another series of rounds of EFT.

9.    Create a new EFT statement such as “Even though I’m still a bit uncomfortable talking to (person) about this, I choose to be calm, confident, and effective” (or whatever positive phrase suits you).  Then do EFT again.

10.  Continue tapping, retesting using this recording method, and then tapping again, until the listener’s imagined reaction is one of great respect.  The “listener” may not grant the request of course for practical reasons, but he/she must come to RESPECT the person who is asking and your reasons for the request.  In the long run this will substantially change the relationship between the two of you.

This is the entire process.  It is can be an eye-opener!  Time and again people have been amazed at the transformation in themselves, which is so clearly documented for them on the tape recording.  It can be a revelation that can influence your entire life. Try it!

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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