How Can a CAT Inspire a New Level of Psychological Understanding?

dandy (edited) #1

Dandy (1999 – 2015)


My sweet Dandy was a wonderful cat to be sure, but I never imagined that after his passing he would become a catalyst that would inspire and expand my work to a whole new level!

And yet, that is exactly what he did.

The Secret Inner Life of Pets


My new book “The Secret Inner Life Of Pets” was inspired solely by Dandy.  He guided me into a new understanding of both pets and people that I had never been aware of before.

This book takes you through a journey of wonderfully warm and compelling true stories of pets that I gathered from a series of interviews I conducted with gifted animal communicator, Karen Anderson. 

Through the combined wisdom and enlightenment of these stories and my own psychological observation, I created an entire section of this book devoted to EFT Choices that will help us humans when handling any problems our pets may experience.

A pre-launch comment sums it up nicely:

“This wise and comforting book brings us a huge number of unexpected lessons from our pets.  It’s also chock full of dozens of EFT Choices and other great exercises to help them (and us).  What a gift!” 

Nancy F. Parker, Graphic Artist, New Hope, PA.

And now…

You can own it!

Click on the image below for full details:

The Secret Inner Life of Pets - by Dr. Patricia Carrington



Pat Carrington

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  1. I just lost my cat of 18 years and have been struggling with the loss. This sounds so helpful.

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