Get Insights While or After Tapping – By Gene Monterastelli

(Here is a slightly abbreviated version of the article "Tapping To The Lessons I Learned While Tapping" by Gene Monterastelli, reprinted from his website with his kind permission. I (Pat Carrington) have added a few comments of my own within this article as they occurred to me – thanks Gene. – P.C.)


When I am tapping I like to write down the insights I have while tapping (You may do this while tapping or afterward – Pat). Sometimes they are things I already know (and have known forever) and other times they are completely new insights. I might only get one or two of these insights when I sit down to tap, but when I collect them over time I end up with a lots of wisdom that I need (collecting the wisdom that just "comes to you" during tapping or any time during the day. By writing it down, is a real gift to yourself when you read it over later – Pat).

Here is a list of the some of the insights I have had while tapping recently. Every now and then I like to come back and tap to the insights from the tapping.

[PS: This is also a great way to end a tapping sessions. Just state what you have learned and this reinforces the learning and the change.]

   ●  I have more needs than I care to admit.

   ●  If I work on this every day (or regularly) progress is inevitable.

   ●  Sometimes when things don’t work out we find new better things.

   ●  Some issues and tasks are made harder by avoiding them.

   ●  Even if people who are close to me don’t appreciate the work I am doing it can and will be appreciated in other places by other people.

   ●  It is good (and serves others) when I am following my dreams.

   ●  It is hard for people who are wounded for them not to act out of their wound.

   ●  I can't assume I understand what really happened and what others really think (and it usually doesn't make any difference for my well being whether I do or not – Pat)

   ●  I can't assume others understand me. (I need to understand and care for myself – Pat).

   ●  I am better at what I do than I give myself credit for.

   ●  One easy change I can make is to work on change everyday.

   ●  Physical health can be improved with lots of small choices – it doesn't have to be massive workout routines.

   ●  It is good I am making this change now.

   ●  I don’t have to do everything in my life alone to move forward. There are lots of people I can partner with.

   ●  Just because I have been stuck for a very long time doesn’t mean I have to stay stuck in the future.

   ●  I am open to change happening in a way that is unexpected and surprisingly easy.

   ●  (I am open to surprises even though the day is almost over – Pat)

   ●  When I give myself the benefit of the doubt it is easier to give others the benefit of the doubt.

   ●  Wanting the best for others is not about wanting less for me.

   ●  My complete focus on a single outcome can lead me to miss other better outcomes.

(Insights such as these are so valuable because they are exactly what YOU need, emerging as you tap – Pat)


About Gene Monterastelli
Gene is a Baltimore, Maryland based EFT practitioner, the editor of Tapping Q & A, and the host of the Tapping Q & A Podcast (archive | iTunes). You can connect with Gene on his personal twitter, his tapping twitter or on facebook.

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