Get an Inspiration Exactly When You Need It

Get an Inspiration: Woman typing and smilingDo you ever find yourself needing to come up with a completely new way of tackling a pressing problem?


Perhaps you’re struggling to find a novel approach to a project you must complete, or a totally new way of dealing with another person, different from anything you have ever tried before…

Novelty and inventiveness are required of you far more often than you realize.

Of course you may very well meet many of your small challenges head-on! But what about the BIG ones? How do you get an “inspiration” EXACTLY WHEN YOU NEED IT, especially during a pressured time such as this?

Naturally, you do possess the ability to create brand new ideas and solutions, on demand. This ability can lead you to experience outstanding achievements and resolutions. You simply need to “Tap” into them…

During a time of competitiveness in the workplace, economic difficulties, and social disarray, being positively creative and inspired when you need to be is essential.

Discover exactly how to do that with this course and have fun as you do it with Pat’s exciting Creation Series.

This package includes information on: 


Audio 1: How to get an inspiration exactly when you need it

Get an Inspiration Exactly When You Need It Audio


A 70-minute Recording addresses how to overcome the “my mind is blank” syndrome that can so readily occur when you are told to “be creative!” or “come up with new ideas!” or “find new answers!” Have you ever faced this dilemma?


Pat’s mini-course includes a series of EFT tapping exercises and an interactive discussion that tackles just this problem.

Audio 2: How to eliminate the tyranny of deadlines

End the Tyranny of Deadlines Audio


This tapping audio can free you from the creativity-crippling effects of any time-limited task or assigned deadline. Time intensive tasks, such as examinations, athletic performances, etc. can be stifling in their effects upon performance, and so can deadlines imposed by the workplace. This unique audio targets these common situations with a major “reframe” which, if you practice it for two weeks, could literally change your life.


Audio 3: How to tap into unlimited ideas

Tap Into Unlimited Ideas Audio

This is a 30-minute discussion and tapping audio, with both EFT and the Ask & Receive technique in combination. It teaches you how to tap into a myriad of unlimited ideas that are actually within you, awaiting discovery.


Creativity Training Audios

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Or, get the Complete Package, consisting of the addition of the “How to Get an Inspiration Exactly When You Need It.” AUDIO TRANSCRIPT and the “End the Tyranny of Deadlines” e-Booklet/ AUDIO TRANSCRIPT for only $10.00 more!

Complete Creativity Training Package

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Audio Transcripts of the 70-minute “How to Get an Inspiration Exactly When You Need” it Teleseminar Replay and the “End the Tyranny of Deadlines” e-Booklet Only

$10.00 for Both!

Get an Inspiration Audio Transcripts

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We hope you play with this course and have fun being creative!

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