First Steps in EFT Video Course – Free

You may well have heard of the major self help method known as “EFT” (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It is a self-development technique that combines the principles of modern psychology with ancient acupressure to bring about profound emotional and physical healing.

The First Steps in EFT Video gives you easy-to-follow authoritative instruction which teaches you all the basics of EFT. Created by Dr. Patricia Carrington, EFT Founding Master and pioneer in the field of energy psychology, this video covers everything you need to know in order to begin using EFT immediately ~~ Your “First Steps” toward realizing major shifts in your perceptions and attitudes about yourself, your life and your relationship with others.

As you watch this video, you are given an opportunity to practice using EFT “tapping” to handle a unique problem of your own – trying the method out on yourself is worth a thousand words!

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  1. I would like to receive your free newsletter and 1 hour course (first steps in EFT).
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Caecilia – I’ve added you to the list, so look for a confirmation email. Once you confirm, you will get an email with access to the video. Also, thank you so much for posting, because I saw that the sign-up form had check boxes for The Magic of Personal Choice! I’ve removed those boxes. 🙂

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