EFT Tapping for Anger & Hatred

Can tapping be used directly on emotional states that we want to change?


eft tapping for anger and hatred, angry teenagerThe answer is yes, absolutely. Tapping has brought about remarkable changes for many people who have been locked into persistent guilt, sadness, hatred, anger, resentment and other joy-stifling emotions, often for years.

The following story, reported by meridian tapping experts Phillip and Jane Mountrose illustrates how intense hatred can be cleared up through the use of tapping.

Phillip was teaching in a group home for severely emotionally disturbed teenage boys. Not surprisingly, one of the main problems the boys had experienced in the mainstream school system was getting along peacefully with others. Typically, the young men held a lot of hatred and anger.

One particular student, “Jerome,” was sent to the group home following an arrest for illegal drug use and other criminal behavior. Immediately upon his arrival, he had a hard time fitting in because of his strong feeling that his fellow residents were unforgivable, even though their offenses were in many cases no worse than his own.

Jerome’s hatred toward the others was so severe that he was essentially non-functional. He preferred remaining isolated all day in the “time-out” area to participating in any classes and activities with the others, whom he judged inferior to himself. He lobbied to be removed from the group home, even if it meant returning to the far less pleasant environs of juvenile hall.

Phillip decided to take a walk with Jerome and see if he could learn why Jerome was so judgmental. During their walk, he offered EFT and Jerome agreed.

Jerome tapped on his hatred toward the other boys, which was “unbearably high,” in his words. After a few rounds, the teenager reported feeling better and Phillip observed that he physically look much more relaxed.

Jerome dutifully practiced tapping on himself over the weekend and on Monday he was back in class with the others. After softball practice that afternoon, he approached Philip and reported that his intense feelings of hatred were completely gone. He expressed hope and optimism about remaining in the group home and did not experience those problems again, as he continued to tap occasionally.

Ann Adams, who has also worked with emotionally disturbed children, adds, “I have been using EFT tapping for several years to help emotionally disturbed children in our residential treatment center to control socially disruptive and/or self-destructive behavior… I have never seen the tapping fail to calm a child quickly, even when they were under extreme stress…”

Rehana Webster, who has extensive experience working with hardened recidivist criminals in New Zealand, concurs, stating, “My records show that after using meridian tapping, 95% of those people succeeded in making positive changes in their thinking and behavior, whereas other programs… had shown only a 20% success rate. According to these offenders, tapping is ‘totally amazing’ – I find that it is self-empowering, safe, simple to administer and to learn, and it achieves lasting results…”

This is a powerful use of meridian tapping. One can imagine a world where even racism, religious intolerance, and other forms of “institutionalized” hatred might be routinely tackled by applying it over time.

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