Dissolving the Myths of Aging

Dissolving the Myths of Aging


Aging Chinese Man Fishing Color IllustrationDr. Patricia Carrington has decided to share with you her wisdom of over 91 years of successful living, and leads you in EFT Tapping to change your own attitudes about getting older so that they will become deeply positive.


Listen to Pat tell you about an amazing society where “growing older” was very different from what most of us know today.  “Wisdom” actually defined “age” for these people!  Later (in the program itself) she leads you in tapping exercises that can radically change your entire experience of growing older… 


Dissolving the Myths of Aging with Dr. Patricia Carrington

Audio 1: Dr. Carrington shares her personal experiences of contending with aging.
Audio 2: Dr. Carrington leads you through her tapping exercises for aging.
EBook 1: Transcript of Audio 1
EBook 2: Transcript of Tapping exercises for growing “younger inside” as you age.
We believe you will benefit from this immediately.


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