Dissolving the Myths of Aging


Aging Chinese Man Fishing Color IllustrationDr. Patricia Carrington shares with you her wisdom of over 91 years of successful living, and leads you in EFT Tapping to change your own attitudes about getting older so that they will become deeply positive.

Aging and the Hunza People of North Pakistan


Listen as Pat shares some information about an amazing society where “growing older” was very different from what most of us know today.  “Wisdom” actually defined “age” for these people! Later (in the program itself) she leads you in tapping exercises that can radically change your entire experience of growing older… 



Myth # 1 – The Fear of Dying


Some people would argue that the fear people live with as they age comes largely from the fear of dying. It is of course true of some older people, but death is by no means the most important occurrence that most people fear as they grow older. Many people can accept dying gracefully and with a sense of peace, especially if they have beliefs and support systems of a spiritual or religious nature.

What these people fear is old age itself.

In this “Dissolving the Myths of Aging” package, Dr. Carrington discusses the way you view the passage of time in your later years and how it affects your entire life, your health, your state of mind, and the so-called “aging process” itself. She discusses:

  • Society’s View of Aging
  • The Influence of Diet and Genetics
  • How EFT Can Play a Role in Negative Attitudes
  • Dr. Carrington’s Philosophy and Experiences as a Near-Centenarian
  • EFT Tapping exercises for Growing Younger Inside as You Age


Dissolving the Myths of Aging with Dr. Patricia Carrington

  • Audio 1: Dr. Carrington discusses some myths about aging and her experiences as a near-Centenarian
  • Audio 2: Dr. Carrington leads you through her tapping exercises for aging.
  • EBook 1: Transcript of Audio 1
  • EBook 2: Transcript of Tapping exercises for growing “younger inside” as you age.
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