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In this provocative training package, Dr. Carrington exposes you to some representative crises occurring in close relationships and helps you “immunize” yourself against similar problems that could occur in your own life.

You will learn the powerful Emotional Erasing technique during this session and then put it to use at home to change the emotional climate of your everyday life. This can represent liberation for you, your family and others close to you.


Let Me Tell You A Personal Story About How This Method Has Worked for Me Over The Last Two Weeks. . .

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My Experience with Creating Harmonious Relationships

As I set to work last week on editing and updating the recording portion of my presentation, I was surprised when I heard my own voice enacting little vignettes (short scenes digitally captured) in which I played the role of an 18 year old college girl. Can you imagine Pat Carrington acting as an 18 year old girl?

The reason I was surprised by this was that I found the enactment so convincing. Then, in another scene where I played the role of her mother whom the girl had violently disagreed with, I found the mother’s reaction to her daughter to be truly moving as she learned how to handle this confrontation in an entirely new way. I was excited by the intensity I myself experienced as I listened. This was an important learning experience, even for me.

But something disturbing happened…

I received a phone call from a very good friend of mine who occasionally “goes berserk” as the saying goes and can attack another friend of hers verbally in an uncontrolled fashion, at almost no provocation. She suddenly did this with me last week. I heard her shouting “Don’t tell me that! Just get to the point! Get to the point! I don’t want to hear the details! Hurry up! I don’t need to hear all that!”

Since the details were, in my mind, absolutely necessary to make sense of the whole incident I was recounting, I asked to be allowed to finish telling her and that was when she blew up.

I soon had to excuse myself as gracefully as I could from the phone, and it wasn’t completely graceful. I was angry – and yet this is a friend who is immensely sensitive and worthwhile in so many ways….it was a real “holiday blowup”.

After we ended the call abruptly, this did not stop me going on with the things I needed to and love to do, but the incident hung over me like a “ lead balloon”, and certainly dampened my holiday spirit. I used EFT for it in the conventional manner but I didn’t get much relief from doing that. So I had to table it at that point and get on with other things. But it was in the background.

I missed my friend.

But sometimes something I explain to others or write about or talk about becomes “just what the doctor ordered” for me.

I had a sudden insight about this unpleasant incident with my friend as I listened to my own words describing the novel technique I am bringing to you today, and fortunately at that point I stopped everything I was doing, took time out, and followed my own instructions to the “t.” I did my own tapping exercise from start to finish, using my Choices Method in the new way I am now advise others to use it when they are (or even if they feel) attacked.

And – guess what?! The exercise was there for me at just the right moment – and in just the right way!

Within less than an hour after completing this exercise, as I went about other tasks, I felt the whole irrational incident slip into being unimportant, and my outrage about it faded.

At that point my wish to remain in contact with my good friend in this season of good will came to the fore and I realized, as though coming out of a daze, that I could telephone her and that it was up to me to initiate contact because she cannot usually concede that she is wrong.

So I did just that, and I didn’t feel the need to insist that she understand my point of view, and I didn’t have to ask for an apology. The whole matter had slipped into oblivion and I found myself simply telling the truth, “Hey (her name), I miss you – and it’s holiday time!”

I could hear the genuineness in her voice when she replied that it was sweet of me to say that, and I knew she felt the same relief I did.

This all seemed like a minor miracle considering my previous sense of outrage and hopelessness about this. I immediately realized the power of this technique and have tucked it away in my mental box of “emergency measures” to be used when I feel strongly defensive about something someone else says or does – at any time of the year.


And today I want to bring it to you.

I suggest that for your own sake and that of everyone you truly care about, and for the sake of your business relationships, and for the benefit of even casual acquaintances, but above all for your own peace of mind – that you take advantage of this exceptionally helpful product. It will be a wondrously appreciated gift to yourself.


To Summarize What It Does:

Create Harmonious Relationships gives you a powerful and rapid way of ending the pain and defensiveness you can feel when verbally attacked by another person. It helps you actually erase your resentment so that you become free to act in your own best interest

The method is taught by means of a 90-minute audio accompanied by a short e-Book that provides you with targeted instructions and tapping statements.

“This program actually saved my relationship with my father, which was deteriorating during the last few months. I consider it a treasure and will use it – and use it! Thank you Pat.”
~~ Marianne Diamond, Madison, Wisconsin

Download this valuable package immediately, and begin your liberation today!

Package includes the 90-minute audio training and instructional eBook


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